My rules as a submissive cuckquean wife.

1) Wear only saree.

Rules on how to wear saree.

* Blouse must always be only up to base of the breast. Only 1 cm below the breast is allowed.

* Front and back pallu must be pleated well.

* Saree must be tied in between navel and pussy. Only 1 cm error is allowed.

* Must be wearing the saree in different ways on different days ie. same style must not be repeated for the next 7 days.

* Back side of the pallu is not allowed to touch the ground nor can it be inserted at the hip (If in a scenario were pallu be touching the ground then It is expected to hold the pallu or remove the front pallu part of the saree covering the midriff and then insert the loose end of the saree at the hip).

* Keys, purse etc must be hidden behind the front pallu part of the saree covering the midriff.

* At least 70% of the midriff (between blouse and base of saree being tied to the hip) is expected to be visible when no one, only husband or just women are present.

* Not more than 10% of the midriff is allowed to be seen in public places (both front of the pallu and beginning of the pallu after folding at the hip must get pinned to the blouse) .

2) Hair

* Hair must always be tied at the head like a kondai (Bun).

* If hair is allowed to be loose length should always at least be till the buttocks.

3) Work and time

* Must remain a stay at home girl friend / wife / mom.

* Can do home based business after turning to a mom and several years of trust and will be subject to more rules (If unable to meet them should stop in a short notice).

* Must be making able to make cook, clean, stitch make things at home like soap and many others.

* It is always expected to keep food on the table before husband / master without keeping him waiting.

* It is always expected to keep husband / master ‘s house, clothes etc clean.

4) Eating

* Can eat only after husband / master and should only eat from his plate along with his left overs.

* In public places when unable to eat from husband / masters plate ll always eat after him unless instructed otherwise.

5) Public places

* When walking with husband / master will always walk behind him.

* Will always sit at husband / master ‘s feet.

* Will speak only when spoken to it.

* Will always speak high of husband /master with others and not mingle with people speaking bad about husband / master or men in general (like feminist).

* It must seek masters permission before leaving for house for purchasing things pre approved by husband / master (if it feels necessary to buy something other than master permitted it should be reported to him that day itself) .

* It must write down and report to husband / master if it’s saree slip off in public from it’s original position or if its navel gets visible (it will not adjust it’s saree immediately instead look for a more private place to adjust it’s saree in a more private place and should report to master and accept punishment from husband / master as well as introduce another female in his life if navel got exposed) .

6) Disciplining

* Will always accept husband / master’ s punishments without any word (unless extreme circumstances where safe words can be used).

* Will show husbands disciplining marks to public with pride.

7) Greetings and Speaking

* Must present itself in its best self when waking up husband / master from sleep or while opening the door after his work.

* It must always remove its husband / master ‘s shoes upon his arrival.

* It must always address husband / master with respect like Sir or Ji and is not allowed to say his name.

* Should always be one to open the door of the house. (must ensure saree is worn properly in front of strangers).

8) Privacy

* Will not lock up any rooms inside the house even for bathing or changing clothes etc.

* If open private spaces are available it can only bathe and go to toilet in the open while covering only its private parts using langot like cloth and it must be completed before sunrise.

* Will write down its thoughts every day without any changes for master to read and guide in improving submissiveness.

* Would have to ask husband / master ‘s permission to access it’s social media sites and can use only under his supervision.

9) Sleep

* Must always be naked when going to sleep (unless cold outside and permission has been sought from husband / master).

* Should always go to sleep only after husband / master has gone to bed.

* Husband / master may or may not allow her to sleep with him. If not she must sleep in the women’s den which is the kitchen (or when other women are with him) .

* It must be wake up at least a few hours before sunrise and perform it’s morning duties, light cleaning of house, kolam at the entrance of the house, visit temple and get things ready for husband / master before waking him up.

10) Sex

* Must provide complete body access to husband / master at any time without any complaints.

* After husband / master’s nod for love making it must always be the first to become nude so much that even before his single button is undone it must become nude ( being nude is showing is a sign of its readiness for sex and submissiveness ) .

* Must accept other women in husband / master ‘s life and should actively cooperate with other women in his life.

* Should actively be scouting other potential women for husband / master sexual pleasure or otherwise.

* Even if another man approaches it, it must let the man know it is already engaged and actively discourage it.


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