Passed wife gets used

So me and my wife V have been together 8 years. I’ve have longed to share her with other men, but up till this last weekend other the some semi public sex and few passer bys watching I have had no luck!
I was Saturday night and we decided to have a fire and a few drinks and invited a few friends over but most had plans.Our fire pit is only about 100 feet from a dead end diet road.
We drank alot more as we intended as the night was hot. One after the other into the late night V got just smashed and pretty tipsy as well!
Some light petting turned into some heavy petting. Figuring at this late hour no one would be stopping by V was soon naked and both down the grass! My hard cock pumping in and out of my wife with drunk vigor!
Her tight wet pussy squeezing my cock as she orgasmed and squirted!
I couldn’t hold back and pulled out as shes not on birth control!
I moved quickly to her mouth! V opened wide and I slid my cock deep filling her mouth with my cum she swallowed with a satisfied moan!
I lay next to her and we passed out naked right there!
I awoke about an hour latter and tried to wake her but once she is passed out it’s almost impossible to wake her!
I rub my hands over her naked body and down between her legs and her breathing quickened! As i rubbed her clit!
I decide in my drunk state we need a blanket and a pillow at least and head into the house! I make a drink and grab what I think we need to crash outside! I was fine about 15 minutes.
As I head out I hear talking and make my way around the house to see my buddy Carl’s truck and I freeze! I see him and two of his friends Tim and Mark.
My phone vibrates you up the text reads!
I don’t respond and watch as the guys look over my V!
Guess he’s asleep Carl says with a grin as he pulls his shirt off and slides out of his pants! His cock harding thick and long 8×5 to be exact!
Mark and Tim follow suit! Carl opens my wife’s legs and rubs his cock up and down V’s pussy lips I her her moan and gasp in her passed outstate! Then along gasp as he pushed the head of his cock in!
I sneak to his truck unseen and drop down to the ground! I have a perfect view of his massive cock pumping into my wife stretching her pussy with each thrust! I hear Carl say
“This is some tight pussy guys”
” mmmm that’s it slut take it”
V whimpers and moans as Carl pumps in and out harder a faster with each thrust!
After about 15 minutes he thrusts hard his cock twitching as his cum floods her pussy!
Oh shit it hits me! My friend just breed my wife! I stare shocked as he pulls out and moves.
Mark and Tim are stroking and are rock hard. Tim lays down his 7×5 cock standing straight up Carl and Mark slide V on him and he slides his cock in her cum filled pussy!
Awww fuck yeah this slut is tight bro he says as he thrusts into her!
Mark begins lubing his cock with spit. He not as thick but 7 long and he drops down and pushes his cocks head against he tight ass! V’ s body shakes as she orgasms and squirts her juices running down Mark’s big balls!
Tim pushes his cock in and the two men saw into my wife!
Carl films from his phone!
The men grunt and moan!!! Oh yeah V you slut take it mark grunts as he slams into her tight ass his balls bouncing!
V moans and squirms about as the enjoy her!
Then mark moans then Tim pumping their loads in her!!
After a minute mark moves and they lay V down on the ground again.
I sneak back into the dark and the guys leave!
I wait a minute and go over to V looking over her stretched pussy and ass! My cock hard again I fuck her cum filled loose pussy with fast hard thrusts till I cum again!!
I cuddle with her and sleep! I’m the morning V awakes!
Good morning she says and kisses me you were an animal last night! I smile and and decide it’s better left unsaid!


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