Finley’s Woods

Don’t go near Finley’s woods my parents drummed into me and my brothers since I was little, I don’t ever remember them telling us why we should not go near the Finley’s woods but somewhere in my imagination I think I conjured up Monsters, Witches, and Boy eating trolls, so I stayed out of Finley’s woods for most of my young life, Once I got to Secondary School the rumours about Finley’s woods continued, “if you go into Finley’s woods the poofs will pump you” I remember Rab Masterson saying, Then another time I read something in the local newspaper about men being arrested for indecent behaviour in Finley’s woods, and over the next couple of years stories of the gay activity in Finley’s woods always got my attention, because I had a secret, I liked boys in the way other boys were not supposed to like boys, I had always been that way, I loved wrestling with my brothers , cousins and mates not because I liked wrestling as such, but because it gave me a boner and that feeling a boner causes inside you was what I liked about wrestling with other boys, I was often chastised for it “look Teddy has got a boner again” My brothers, cousins and mates would call out when they had got the better of me and had me on my back, I could not help it just happened, as I grew older and too big for childish wrestling, I would take every opportunity to steal a swatch at other guys dicks, when I saw my oldest brothers pubes for the first time I was in awe of him, from that minute all I wanted to achieve in life was to grow pubes, I checked daily for any sign of growth and any opportunity I got to see my two older brothers changing their underwear I was focused on their pubes, Jamie who was 18 months older than me did not mind letting me see his he even let me touch them sometimes but my oldest brother John would punch me and call me a pervert when he caught me looking, seeing pubes was like wrestling they gave me a boner and that feeling inside.

I was and suppose still am a wee dirty scally from a council estate, guys were just did not supposed to like other guys in the way I did so it had to be kept a secret, Yes I like girls, I also get a boner thinking about girls and any time I kiss one I always get a boner and that feeling, and of course that is ok there is nothing wrong with a boy kissing a girl and getting a boner that is what is supposed to happen right, and when I was with my mates we all talked about the girls we wanted to shag and the fantasy ones we all had shagged, by the time I was 14-15 my favourite thing was convincing some mate or other to have a wank with me sometimes more than one, quite a few times 5 – 6 of us would have our hard dicks out wanking away like monkeys down the park or up in the old farm, while skipping school or during the school holidays, who had the biggest dick, cum the fastest or cum the most, it was not being pervy, it was a competition or at least that is what I told my mates, yea they were happy to take part but it was always that Perv Teddy who started it.

I was 15 the first time I went to Finley’s woods alone, well not alone I took my dog Zoltan with me he was supposed to be a Rottweiler when we got him, but he was crossed with something else that became obvious as he grew but he still looked like a scary dog. I always remember it was a Tuesday morning I had been suspended from school for some reason probably fighting with someone, so I was home alone everybody else in the house either at school or work, I had probably wanked about 3 times before 11am it was a rare thing to get our house to yourself and when I did I used that time to wank freely, but for some reason that morning I decided I wanted to know what happened in Finley’s woods, So me and the brave Zoltan  went up there, I had a hardon from the minute I entered those trees in anticipation of all the guy on guy shagging I was going to see, fucking 3 hours I walked about those woods, up paths, down paths searching inside clumps of bushes, pushing through bushes looking for hidden shagging dens, not a single bare arse or cock did I see, yea I saw a few used condoms and wrappers but definitely no shagging, every now and again I would see other dog walkers but definitely no gay action, to say I was disappointed would be a big understatement I was fucking gutted, I grew the balls to go up there and not a single gay orgy did I see, I got so fed up that I decided to have a wank and cum on a tree trunk in protest. Then I went home and no doubt wanked some more.

Over the next couple of years I would come across stories about Finley’s woods either in the paper or hearing a story from someone, Gay bashings, guys arrested for sucking off or shagging each other but I knew it was all fantasy, I had been there and knew for a fact that the only thing that happened in Finley’s woods was dog shitting and that no doubt I was probably the only guy who had ever wanked there, I still thought about guys a lot when I was wanking but sexual activity was with girls, I am not trying to make myself out as some stud or anything like that but I have had a couple of conquests ok ok drunken fumbles and 2 minute shags to be more precise but I have done the deed ok. The in November 2018 I had my first ever real gay experience with another guy, the older brother of one of my mates in his flat, then just over a week later I sucked off one of my best mates and those experiences gave me a lot more satisfaction than anything I had ever done with a girl had, So it was confirmed I was Bi there was no doubt about it, I swung both ways, not something to boast about around our area but at least there are other guys the same, so I was not the only perv around here bye the way I think I might start a pervs club if you’re interested in joining just let me know.

So on Christmas eve I was at a party, one of the guys we hang around with turned 18 on Christmas Eve so had a party at his house, My best mate Jake the other guy I have been doing gay stuff with was there as well and I had hoped I would be sucking his cock later that night, infact I had decided I was going to ask him to try fucking me, I really wanted to see what it felt like, I had watched enough gay porn to know it was something that turned me on, But that prick Jake nipped a girl and the two of them fucked off from the party it looked like I would be having a Christmas wank rather than a Christmas fuck. I had drunk probably about 7 cans of lager, yes I was drunk but not out of my head or anything I could still walk and talk reasonably well, I left the party about 1.30 am and was heading home when I got a bright Idea, Go to Finley’s woods maybe there would be some gay activity at night or in this case early morning, So it was hood up to disguise myself and off to Finley’s I staggered, you see I had on my new Christmas gear for the Party so even if anyone saw me entering the woods they would not think it was me because I was dressed kinda smart, I had on New trainers, new Red trackie bottoms and a new Grey Nike hoodie, fuck I even had on brand new Boss boxers so at least if I got murdered in the woods my Mum would not be embarrassed to claim my body as I had on clean boxers, she has always had this fear that we would get knocked down crossing the road or some other terrible thing would happen to us and we were wearing dirty boxers at the time, blood and guts she could handle but not fucking skid marked boxers?

I walked up the road on the other side of the woods until the road was clear of traffic then crossed over and into the trees coming out on a path in the woods, Now it was fucking dark in there I had not thought about that, there could have been all sorts of gay orgies going on all around me and I would not have seen a thing, I won’t lie, my heart was fucking pounding so loud I could hear it, I was about to do a U turn and get out of there when a man probably about 30 or 40 appeared in front of me, he asked if I had a light for his cigarette, but I said no and walked past him. I did have a lighter but he sort of freaked me out, I remember thinking he is probably a bender trying to get into my boxers, You see I am not a bender I am Bi there is a difference or at least I think so, I kept walking up the path not because I wanted to go further into the woods but because I did not want to go back the way I had came incase that man was there and just dragged me into the trees and made me his bitch. Now I needed a fucking piss and I was not going into the trees it would be too dodgy in there, so I pushed down the front of my trackies and boxers and began to piss pointing Albert forwards I did not want splashes on my new trainers.

“Need a hand with that sexy”

I nearly fucking shit myself

Never mind splashes on my trainers I had piss all over my trackies and my cock went back in the boxers mid piss so they coped some too, I felt as if I had pissed myself, He was a guy about 20 years old smartly dressed like in an office worker or teacher kinda way, Jacket and trousers with a buttoned shirt and shiny shoes, I just stared at him.

“You looking for fun” he asked

“What do you mean FUN” I growled putting on my best hard scally gangster tone

“Cock fun, I am horny are you”

“Fuck off ya bender I am looking for my dog” I tried to look brave as my whole body quivered

“No problem maybe you should whistle on it or call for it then”

“What would you want to do” I now asked timidly

“whatever your up for bud I am as horny as fuck”

He just stepped closer to me started kissing and groping me at the same time, then he said

“Com’on in here” he sort of led me by the cock into the trees, as soon as we were in there he pushed my trackies and damp boxers down to my knees and began sucking my cock,now that is what I was looking for, he had a grip of my arse and I had my hand on his head as he sucked me fast and deep I fucked his face but not long enough to cum.

“will you fuck me” he asked

“yea sure” I replied excitedly

He stood up handed me two packets, at first I thought it was two condoms but it was only one and the other packet was what I now know is lube, he undid his belt pushed down his trousers and leaned against a tree his arms out stretched his body curved and his arse sticking out towards me, I have only ever put a condom on once before and it was to see what having a wank with a condom on was like when I was about 14, I think he got fed up waiting on me.

“here give me it” He took the two packs from me rolled the condom over my cock put some of the lube on it then some on his arse and resumed the position he had been in against the tree again, I knew that was my Q to shove my cock up his arse and that is exactly what I did, What a fucking disappointment, he never made a fucking sound as I went in, no screaming in pain, No “oh yes that feels good”  “No fuck me harder big boy” not a fucking sound, the only noise was my balls slapping off his arse until I grunted about 5 minutes later when I filled the condom inside him, almost immediately I pulled my cock out, and before I even had the condom off, his trousers were up and he had fucked off, leaving me there a chill on my arse and a spunk filled condom in my hand to dispose of, ok maybe slight exaggeration there the tip was full, I threw the condom into the trees and just stood there pissing wondering what the fuck had just happened.

So there you go folks, I got to fuck a guy for the first time ever, sorry it was nothing like the porn version of a meet in the woods, No fucking screams of pleasure, no multi position hard sweaty riding, not even a fucking thanks did I get, on the way back down the path I heard some grunting and groaning from a clump of trees, I don’t know who it was I just kept walking, but I could not help wonder if it was the man I had met on the path, giving the guy I had just been with the fucking he had hoped I was going to give him, I don’t care who it was or what they thought, my balls got emptied, and see that 6 incher he got up his arse that keeps me happy and that is all I give a fuck about.

Teddy xxx


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