Converting the Bangladeshi Bitch. Chapter 3: The Public Ordeals of Tasnova

The day after the bathroom Incident was a holiday, so I decided not to get Tasnova involved for the day. Making it too frequent might break her too soon, and I wanted to have more fun with her, give her some hope before taking it away. I let her rest the day after that as well and told Prianka to play along, pretending that I’m also blackmailing her too. Prianka reported back that she did exactly that and that she made sure to tell Tasnova that if she tried to fight back, I’d destroy her life.  She reported that the bitch ended up crying for hours after that but I didn’t care. She looked down on me, and was now getting what she deserved.
As her rest was now officially over, I decided to play with her popularity a bit more now. Looking through what I could do.  I knew I could fuck her any time, but that wasn’t enough, I needed to make sure she knew her place. I needed to take that Bangladeshi Pride of hers and crush it. So it seemed only fitting that I started focusing on her reputation a bit more. I called Prianka and ordered her to bring Tasnova to us, which she followed without really asking much about it. When the two appeared, Tasnova was dressed in a full sleeve long top that reached just upto her thighs  like a Kamiz almost and jeans. And ofcourse, there was her Hijab again, A sight I genuinely didn’t want to see on her. ” Are you still pretending to act all innocent and pure even after you practically fucked around like a whore the past few days?” I mock her, waiting to see her reaction.  Tasnova didn’t respond though, she just looked down. ” Answer the question” I order in a more threatening manner, which shook her up a bit it seemed. “N-no” She responded. ” Good, then take off that stupid headpiece, it doesn’t suit sluts like you, got it?” I spoke out, intending to rub the insult onto her. ” Yes sir” She responded before slowly starting to undo her Hijab. As she took it off and let her hair fall down again, I could tel she wasn’t as humiliated at being my bitch at the moment. I suppose after getting fucked by me the two times before, she’s come to an acceptance about everything. Which is why I needed to Up the anti. I was going to make a spectacle of her today. ” Now take off your top and jeans” Tasnova followed the orders without much hesitation. I watched as Tasnova reached down around her waist, pulling the top up  before pulling the whole thing above her head, revealing her black Bra. She then proceeded to unhook her jeans before pulling them down too exposing the matching panties. While normally seeing her in black underwear would be a treat, I couldn’t have that for today. I walk up to Tasnova, moving my fingers around her body, down her shoulders to her chest, till I find my finger between her Breasts, playing with the Bra. I could tell that she was prepared already to be stripped naked, and so when I ripped off her Bra, she wasn’t too phrased, she just proceeded to look down. I grab her breast this time, squeezing them and playing with them. This did manage to get a yelp out of her lips but she tried her best to hold it in. I could tell. Tasnova didn’t want to show her weakness, instead trying her best to hide her moans and cries, as though none of the last two days happened. That was fine though, the more -tough girl- persona she puts on, the more fun it’ll be to break her. As I continue to play with her breasts, My other hand starts to trace the side of her body all the way down her waist. I reach behind her to grab her ass firmly and start to squeeze it a bit before grabbing her panties. I begin to pull, making her moan out slightly, I’m guessing the pulling caused the panty to push its way in her pussy. I didn’t care though, I continued to pull until I heard  loud “rippp” sound and then started feeling the fabric stretch more and more until the panty just came off. Ad just like that, Tasnova was now naked infront of me again. Even though I’ve seen the view, I still needed to admire it again. She was standing firmly, probably trying not to react, but this made her boobs perk out too. I pull Tasnova close to me, and without warning begin to kiss her lips. She doesn’t fight back, probably cause she didn’t want to offend me, instead just stands there as I push my tongue in her mouth, playing with her tongue. After a minute of tasting her mouth, I begin to move, licking her cheeks, making my way down Tasnova’s neck, I begin Kissing and biting her neck, shoulder, chest before making my way to Tasnova’s Boobs again. Her Nipples were erect. Regardless of how much she tried to deny it, she was still human and her body responded as such. I begin to lick her breasts at first, before sucking on them, making sure to bite every often, making her moan out more. The fact that my fingers were playing with her pussy didn’t help her either. I could tell Prianka was getting really horny seeing this. But it wasn’t her time yet so I ignored her for now.  I could tell, Tasnova wanted to cum really bad, but I wouldn’t let her have that pleasure yet. I stopped, looking back at her face. She looked like she had just been snapped out of a trance, with what almost looking like lust in her eyes. She was beginning to accept being my slut, but my goal wasn’t that though. I wanted to do much more, by the time I was done with her, she’d be the entire University’s slut. I pulled her towards the bed, making her stand infront of me as I sat down before applying pressure to her shoulders to force her to sit on the floor between my legs. ” Unzip my pants, and do it like I taught you the other day” I order her. Tasnova took a deep breath, before reaching up to my zipper with her face. I felt her face against my crotch for a second before I saw her reach in for the zipper with her mouth. I heard the zipper go down before feeling her tongue on my dick, trying to maneuver it out of my pants. After a few seconds, I felt my dick being pulled out successfully, clearly already erect . ” Good girl, now start licking it like a bitch” I ordered. Tasnova didn’t take too long to start following orders. I suppose her thought process was the sooner she finished, the sooner she’d be able to leave. Afterall, she didn’t really know I had an entire day planned out for her. But I’ll get to that when we get to it. For now, I sat there, enjoying Tasnova’s little tongue rubbing every inch of my dick, licking it up and down. I push it slightly forward as she begins to move down, making sure to rub my cock against her face as she lick the bottom. ” Pay more attention to my balls for a bit” I order, and she follows through immediately, moving down to lick and suck on my sack. As she does this, I rest my dick on her face directly. This was a sight to behold. Tasnova, probably the most arrogant bitch of out university, naked and on her knees,licking my balls as I rest my dick on her slutty face. I couldn’t help but take a pic of her with my dick on her face. As I did so, I order back again ” Alright, that’s enough, start sucking now” Tasnova stops immediately, as though relieved that she doesn’t have to continue, and starts to finally take my dick in her mouth. While her lips did feel good, I was waiting to be in her mouth. As she slowly put my dick in her mouth, I felt the warmth of her mouth, her saliva wrapping around my dick. She takes in as much as possible and stops for a second, probably processing the situation. ” Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Start sucking whore” I order. She looks up to me for a second before proceeding to move her head back and forth. It wasn’t the best Blowjob I got, that goes to Jannet without a doubt, but it was good enough. I felt her speed up a bit more suddenly, her tongue was rubbing against the bottom of my dick. For now, Tasnova was nothing but my slut. And that’s exactly how I was going to treat her too. I cupped her face, before moving my hands down her body, playing with her Boobs as she sucks my cock. Tasnova began speeding up a bit more, her head bobbing faster and faster almost like it was a reaction to me squeezing her breasts. That’s when I realized what was going on. The slut was a bit bothered that I didn’t let her cum and was trying to please herself. I noticed her hand was on her pussy, playing with it slowly, almost as though she was trying to hide it from me. But this couldn’t be allowed, not yet. ” Put your hands behind your head slut” Tasnova hesitates, making it obvious that she’s about to cum ” DO NOT make me repeat myself” I order more threatening. This makes the message clear and she does so without wasting another second. It was a pretty good site too, with her between my legs. I always loved a girl with her hands clasped behind her head. It made the chest perk out and gave their body almost a defenseless vibe. I begin to Wrap my arms around hers to the back of her head before proceeding to take control, moving her head back and forth even faster and shoving my dick even deeper. I could see her eyes widen at this, but she couldn’t really do much about it. Tasnova began to gag a bit, but I wasn’t done yet. I proceeded to move her head back and forth, forcing a blowjob until I could feel my orgasm building. The moment That happens, I immediate push her down on the floor, grabbing both her hands above her head, and her back against the floor, I begin to thrust in her mouth now, efficiently facefucking her. I could see  her eyes roll back a bit. I was fully gagging her and I knew she wasn’t ready for that. But it hardly mattered to me. After a few more thrusts, I pull out slightly, leaving the tip in her mouth as I drop my entire load in her mouth. As I pull out, she begins to cough out, spilling a bit on the floor. Tasnova wanted to cry, I could tell. Her eyes were a bit watery, but she held it together barely. After catching her breath, Tasnova took a few deep breaths and attempted to get up. ” And who do you think is going to clean that up exactly?” I say pointing at the bit of cum she spilled. ” Go in, lick it up” I continue. She looks at me one more time, to see if I’m serious, and I look back at her with my smirk, making sure she knew I was damn serious. Taking another deep breath, Tasnova Kneels down and begins to lick the cum off the ground, probably thinking her ordeal was over. What she didn’t realize was that it was just the beginning.

As Tasnova Proceeds to get up after licking my cum from the ground, I collect her clothes, or what’s left anyways, since her Bra and Panties were ripped off entirely. Tasnova walks up to me to ask for her clothes, but I instead don’t give them yet, ” Go to the bathroom, wash your mouth and take a shower, we’ll be going out” I order her. She looks at me hesitantly, but then realizes that arguing is pointless and walks up to the bathroom, I follow through obviously, not wanting to miss the show. ” Wh-what is it?” She asks slightly taken aback by me just standing there. ” Did you think I was going to let you go in there alone? Go on, get under the shower and start cleaning yourself off, and remember, no masturbating” I order. She looked a bit frustrated at this, but it wasn’t like she would suddenly get the voice to argue with me. So she quiets down and begins to wash herself off. As she stood under the running shower, I just stood there and watched as the water ran down her body. Wet hair, wet body, as she rubs her body, this was a sight to behold and in any other situation, I would fuck her then and there without thinking twice. But I needed her to stay sexually frustrated for as long as possible, so I couldn’t let her cum no matter what. So I just watched as Tasnova bathed infront of me. She was uncomfortable, and I could tell, but that only added to my desires. I knew I was going to fuck her till every last drop of cum was drained from me by the end of the day. But the wait was still killer. As she finished up and began to dry herself, I came out again, and she followed a second later. As she approached her clothes again, she saw that only the top was there on the bed. ” Ummm, where are my pants?” She asked me slightly concerned. ” You wont need them, put the the top” I replied as casually as I could. When I looked back at her, there was a look of absolute shock and horror on her face. ” But-but, without them-” she began to speak but I cut her off ” The top covers your pussy too, it long enough, so no worries “. I could tell Tasnova was a bit panicked. She knew we were going out, and now she was going to go out in just a piece of fabric with no undergarments. She probably thought this was the worst it could get, but she was wrong ofcourse, since I was going to make it my duty to make it as worse as it can be for her. Tasnova put her top on, and noted that it covered her crotch and just barely half her thigh, and that sitting will more or less leave the crotch open almost. ” Atleast some panties or shorts would be-” But I again cut her off ” It’s either the top or nothing, you decide” She attempted to respond one more time ” But” but I cut her off again, ” You’re really getting brave all of a sudden, trying to argue here? I do not Appreciate disobedience” I threatened back, which seemed to have shut her up. As she shut up, I took a pair of scissors which almost immediately scared her ” No, please, I’ll be good!” She started pleading. ” Relax, I wont strip you naked” I assure her before adding ” Yet” to it ” However, if you continue to talk, I wont hesitate to toss you out in the open naked ” Tasnova shut up again and stood there with her eyes closed as I stood infront of her, scissors in hand. I grab a bit of fabric from her shoulder and begin to cut it, all the way down and around to where her right sleeve comes off entirely. But I dont stop, instead going lower until the armhole of the top is almost at her mid belly. Then I proceeded to do the same on the other side. I skinned the fabric up by widening the hole, thus making a good amount of Tasnova’s sideboob visible. This made sure that that everyone knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra at all and also exposed her sideboobs. Then I grabbed her neckline and begin to cut it off to make it longer, making sure to expose a good amount of her chest and cleavage. The Top itself at this point was barely hanging form her body. Even the slightest tension would rip it off. But that was the fun of it. Tasnova looked at her state in the mirror and was horrified. I think what scared her more was the thought of what I was planning to do with this outfit. But I didn’t let her Speak too much. I ordered Prianka to go start the car as she’ll be driving for now. AS she left I looked  back at Tasnova ” Well, what’re you waiting for? Start walking, we’re heading out.” With a deep breath, Tasnova headed  out with me and we proceeded to walk towards the car. Prianka was at the front driving while I took the back seat and ordered Tasnova to join me there. As she sat down, the top she had on rose up to where it was barely covering her crotch. This made Tasnova very uncomfortable, much to my pleasure. I could see her trying to cover up her crotch by pulling on the top. As we headed out, I let the windows on both sides down in order to make sure she gets some views, which bothered her more however. Because now anyone looking at our direction will either see her cleavage if she pulls her top down to cover her crotch or the other way around.  And it was obvious that neither is a result she really wanted or was looking forward to. We did get a few good looks here and there, some even double looked to confirm they say correctly. It looked like her chest was about to pop out of her clothes. But we kept to our own relative pace and avoided most of the things until hit. Sitting in traffic, we noticed a car next to us, where a teenager was sitting and trying to secretly stare at Tasnova. This gave me an idea. ” See the kid on our left?” I asked her casually. ” Yes, he’s been staring at me for a while now” She answered annoyed a bit. ” Flash him” I ordered. This seemed to have taken her by surprise. ” What!?” She exclaimed almost as if she couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. ” Do I really need to repeat myself?” I reply back in an annoyed tone. ” Flash him, or I’ll make sure your fuck him right there in the middle of hot  traffic while the entire world watches” I threatened. Almost with a defeated tone, she looks at the boy this time, which gets the kid all embarrassed and he looks away. “Aww, he’s embarrassed, make sure you smile, to get him to feel comfortable” I mockingly order her. I could almost see the sigh she lets out, before she smiles at the boy, causing him to look back at her. As he does so, I see his eyes widen and his jaw drop as Tasnova pulls her top down, just enough to where her boobs pop out. I could tell, there were other people in the traffic who were looking. Like the driver right behind the car, as well as some guys next to it too. The kid almost couldn’t react, just stared at probably the first pair of fresh, real tits he’s ever seen. ” Aww the kid likes it. Go in, jiggle them a bit, give him something to masturbate with when he goes home” I mock again. Tasnova looks down, knowing that there isn’t really much she can do about the situation, moves her chest left and right, causing her boobs to jiggle along. The kid couldn’t stop staring one bit. And at this point,I noticed that the driver in the kids car was also looking through the side mirror of the car. ” Can I stop now?” Tasnova asks while still flashing the kid. ” Not yet” I answer as I grab a hold of her and in a move that genuinely shocked her, push her upper body out the window, making sure to get as much attention as I could. The boy was awestruck, Tasnova’s boobs were literally inches away from his face. Tasnova looks back at me, ” What’re you doing!!!” She exclaims. I don’t reply, instead signaling the kid to reach out. He hesitates for a few seconds, before lowering his window and without wasting any time at all, reaching for Tasnova’s boobs. I watched as he squeezed them as much as he could, sometimes softly, and other times really really hard, checking what the reaction is. After a bit of playing around, he suddenly moves his head out, and begins to suck on Tasnova’s boobs. I could see Tasnova’s pussy clearly inside the car, as I spank her ass hard. Almost everyone on that side of the traffic could hear her moan out and then suddenly I heard her moan very very loud. Looking out, I saw the kid was on her breasts still,probably biting at them. I move out of the way a bit, so as to give some of the people on my side a good view of her ass and pussy as I caress them. The guy next to me had a ” Nice job bro” Look on his face, if only he knew. I noticed the traffic was about to lift, so I Pull Tasnova in, much to the kids disappointment. As soon as she’s inside, she covers herself up. ” I mean, people already say what they needed to see, which was everything. No real point in hiding now ” I mock her helplessness. Tasnova doesn’t reply. She was in a weird place, I could tell. On one hand, I was publicly humiliating her, but on the other hand,  based on her reactions, she was loving it. She wanted to cry, but I could see her visibly holding it back. We continued to drive, and I put my arms around her back and in her top through the arm hole, squeezing her boobs. This ofcourse got us different looks from different people on the road too. Some men looked amused and some women looked absolutely disgusted. As we kept on driving, Tasnova finally realized where we were going and that  seemed to have scared her again. We were heading to our campus. I could tell Tasnova was scared, flashing random kids is fine, as she’ll never have to deal with those again, but these are people she’ll be studying with for four years atleast. Any further humiliation would ruin her. She was visibly scared at this point. But she didn’t say much about it. As we drove in, we noticed a group of nerds. They were the typical ” Never talked to women, focus on studies” bunch with their glasses and buttoned up formal wear. They should do fine for the next bit, I though to myself. I told Prianka to stop the car near them, which she did. They seemed to be a bit taken back by this. They didn’t really know how to react and just stood there. They did know of me though, which makes sense as to why they didn’t try to run, knowing it’d get them in more trouble. ” Go on, seduce the three of em. Convince them to get in the car” I order Tasnova as I moved to the front passenger seat of the car. ” Please, don’t do this” She pleads out, for the first time instead of just blindly following orders. She knows that if I ruin her university reputation, she’d be in hell. But ofcourse, that’s something she dug or herself. ” This could get a whole lot worse you know. With me around, these brats wont have the balls to speak, but there are others who will. So make your choice. ” . I Threatened. ” Please, I’ll do anything you ask” She pleads one more time. ” I know you will, and this is what I want right now, now start obeying before I stop feeling generous”. I Threaten her. Not being able to argue with me, she takes a deep breath. Stopping the tears forming in her eyes. ” And make sure to look and sound seductive, or else I’ll forget about my generous offer and take you to the middle of the campus and just sell your body to the highest bidder while I see your family’s reaction to you moaning like a whore getting fucked. ”  Tasnova at there for another moment, composing herself before opening the door and heading out. I could here her more or less clearly ” Hey boys, mind getting in the car with me for a bit?” Her attempts at being seductive weren’t that good and she realized that I suppose as as soon as she said that, she slightly lifted her top, exposing her pussy to the boys who were clearly taken aback by the sight of Tasnova’s pussy. There were a few others in that area who almost stopped at their tracks at that sight and realizing that, Tasnova immediately dropped her top back down again. But the damage had already been done and Tasnova was already seen flashing random nerds in campus. Word of that was about to go viral soon enough. But I was sure I could prepare her before that. The boys were convinced by that little flash show it seemed. In their mind, she was either a slut who’d fuck them, or being hazed by me, which might still end with them getting to use her. And so they didn’t hesitate to get in. As all three of them got in the car, the back was full now. ” It’s fine, you can easily sit on one of their laps right?” Tasnova didn’t like the idea of sitting on their laps however, but it’s not like her emotions were going to change my decisions. She managed to squeeze in, placing herself on the left guys lap. The other two looked on in a jealous manner. They could see her side boob clearly, and even the slightest movement was making her braless tits jiggle. This had all three of them excited, but I could tell that the guy she was sitting on was in a good deal of pain. The boy was already in formal wear, and on she was directly on top of his erect dick too. ” What’s the matter, you seem to be in pain my friend” I ask him in a mocking manner.” It’s nothing, it’s just, you know” he stumbles, not being able to answer properly. ” AAHh, I see, see what you did to the poor boy Tasnova? You need to fix this now I’m afraid. ” The other two boys stared in shock at each other as Tasnova turned around and moaned to squeeze herself between this guys legs. She noticed the bulge in his pants and she took a sigh before unzipping it and pulling his Underwear to the side. I had my camera pointed in that direction obviously. I looked on as Tasnova started to take his dick in her hand and rub it. This alone was a big deal for the boy though, who looked like he was ready to bust one right at that moment. ” Boy, if you cum right now, I swear I’ll make sure you leave this car without your dick” I say to him before looking at Tasnova, ” And you, bitch, start using your mouth, if a single drop gets on my car, you’re in big trouble.” Taking my orders to mind, Tasnova put her hands on the side and started to use her mouth, sucking on the boys dick. I could tell the other two were jealous as hell. ” Don’t worry, you boys will get your turn too” I assure them. As I do so however, we hear the first boy moan out, effectively dropping his load on her mouth. Tasnova was caught off guard and jolted back a bit, causing some to spill. “The hell did I tell you bitch!?” Realizing what had happen, Tasnova began to panic” I’m sorry, I’ll clean it up” She said out, ready to bend down and lick it all clean. But I ignore her pleas, “Prianka, drive to the corner over there and park the car” I order Prianka. She complies as Tasnova begin to panic more and more. As the car parks, I exit the car and order Tasnova to get out as well. As she does so, I grab both sides of her top’s shoulder and pull them down, essentially dropping the top to the ground without tearing it up. Even though the corner we picked was relatively empty, it didn’t change the fact that Tasnova was now standing in the university campus completely naked. At any moment, anyone can come around and see her in that state. She attempts to hide herself a bit as the three boys looked on. I ignored her for now, instead marching to the car again,  order the boy in the middle to get out of the car, which he does so obediently. ” Give me your phone” I order him. As he hands me his phone, I look it over, checking his facebook account ” Only 55 friends? Seriously? That’s pathetic” I comment but he was too enchanted by Tasnova’s naked body to say anything. I look over his messenger group to see one where there are 120 people titled ” Study group” Probably the nerd’s hangout place. I ask him about the group and he tells me that it’s a group his friend opened to help him and a lot of others from their universities study and discuss shit. Well, seems like a reasonable punishment, making her put up a show for the nerds of multiple universities. ” Now heres what’ll happen, I’ll be turning on facebook live, and in that call, you’ll tell everyone how this slut from your university is going to let you fuck her cause you helped her out, got it?” I ordered, ” Yes SIR” He responded. ” You can do whatever you want with the slut, but you are not allowed to touch her pussy, you’ll shove it up her ass, understood?” I continued, and he nodded in agreement. ” Good, I’m starting. ” I start the live recording and share it onto the messenger group. ” Hello all my friends, My name is Mukhar, and I come live to you to let you know that I recently helped Miss Tasnova from my class with some of her papers and in return, she’ll be rewarding me by letting me use her. So I decided to share this moment with you all.” She says as I pan the camera towards Tasnova. She stopped covering her body, which allowed me to pan her from top to bottom, making sure everyone got a good look at her body. This immediately increased the views of the stream, form 20 to 80 to 130 even, apparently the other nerds might b sharing the stream too. Good, I though to myself.  He approached Tasnova, and began kissing her, not even considering the fact that she just sucked another guys dick a few minutes ago. As he kissed her, he made sure to recklessly caress her body, squeezing her tits, her ass, touching her all over. The stream kept growing, almost at 200 at this point. The comments on the stream were treats on their own. Ranging from ” Fuck her pussy” ” Make her dance” ” Show off her body” ” Make the slut lick your feet” Etc. Prianka had also been recording the whole thing from her own phone, making sure to keep a record separate for me. After playing with Tasnova’s body for a few minutes, the boy flipped her over, bending her down to her hands and knees. Positioning himself behind her, he rubs his dick against her pussy, making her moan out a bit, but as soon as he noticed my glare, he stopped and instead positioned his dick on her ass. ” Be gentle please” Tasnova moans out slowly, but just clear enough to make it hearable through the stream. The comments were now filled with “Be gentle please”. This was going to be interesting for her now. The boy, Mukhar, started pushing his dick in her ass, slowly at first, but when the tip was in, he couldn’t hold it any longer, and proceeded to thrust his entire dick in her. Tasnova loudly moaned out, which resulted in some people near by and from the building to take a look. They themselves were shook from the sight too, but didn’t say anything, instead observed as this guy proceeded to fuck Tasnova’s ass. Similar to the one before him, He didn’t last too long at this either, and proceeded to fill up Tasnova’s ass. Tasnova seemed relatively alright, he didn’t manage to do much to her, specially compared to what I did the last time I used her tight ass. The stream was going nuts. They wanted to keep going but I ended it right there.  One of the passer by approached is as Tasnova got up and began to dress up ” Is everything alright here?” He asks, making sure that we weren’t raping Tasnova. ” Yeah, everything’s fine, right honey?” I ask Tasnova with a smile. She forces a smile back ” Yes d-dear, everything’s fine” She says. ” See, my gf and I have these fantasies of her getting fucked by people in public, so we though we’d make those fantasies come true” I explain, embarrassing her even more. ” You can join in if you want” I continue, scaring Tasnova. ” No, that’s fine, you guys carry on I suppose” he responds and leaves. Tasnova was on the verge of tears now, as we got back in the car. I made her sit with me this time, so that the nerds didn’t get horny again. We continue driving until we reach an adult cafe. The cafe has two sections, the inner more secure section with private booths and the outer section. We got out of the car and proceeded to head to the outer section first. I made two of the nerds that already used her sit back with us and handed the last one a headset. ” Put this on and go take a seat over there in the middle with Tasnova, I’ll tell you what do. ” He follows my order, taking Tasnova to the middle table, the two sit down, as though they were on a date. People didn’t really look at us much, I visit the place often, with multiple girls and guys, what shocked them was Tasnova and the nerd going there together. ” Good, now start getting intimate with her, start slow though, touch her body, but avoid her pussy” I order again. I started to record the incident again, as I noticed that he starts playing with Tasnova. He starts by slowly rubbing her thigh, his other hand makes it’s way to her boobs, squeezing and playing with them, The people were a bit taken aback by this. Some were disgusted, while others were enjoying themselves. The waiter approached them asking for an order. ” Order chocolate cake” I told him, and it seemed like he complied. As the waiter left, he began playing with my toy again. Kissing and licking her neck, shoulders, cheeks, chest, like a hungry animal. Tasnova was both uncomfortable and turned on buy this. He kept it going until the waiter brought the cake to them. They were small pastry sized cakes. As the waiter left, I ordered again ” Good, now pull her top down again. Expose those tits then take the cake and start smothering it all over her chest and boobs. ” He looked at me as if to confirm if that’s what I said before grabbing her shoulders and pulling her top down, exposing her tits to the entire cafe. There were gasps and murmurs all around me. Tasnova couldn’t process it in time as he began covering her tits with chocolate cake. ” Push her down on the table, get on top of her and begin licking the chocolate off her tits and chest” As I said so, he did exactly that. Pushing her on top of the table, he began sucking on her tits, at first simply to lick off the chocolate, but soon after it changed to him just enjoying her body. He was licking and sucking on her tits, holding her arms well above her head, he continued to feast on her. His crotch kept rubbing against Tasnova’s thighs and he licked her chest, armpits, belly, before going back to sucking on her tits again. The constant rubbing had also exposed her pussy too. Leaving Tasnova more or less open to the entire cafe. This went on for a few minutes before the waiter showed up ” Excuse me sir, this is the private area, If you want, I could show you to one of the personal booths” He offered. ” Take the offer” I replied and he did exactly that. As they began to move in, I grabbed Prianka and followed through. The moment we entered the private booth,  I pushed Tasnova on the table, with her ass up in the air ” Go ahead, drop your load in.”  I allowed him. Without hesitating one bit, he brought his dick out and began to push it in her ass, which was already lubricated by the last guys cum. He easily push in and began thrusting in her ass, making her moan out again. He didn’t take long however, as he also dropped all his load in her ass and collapsed on top of her. I stopped the recording and pushed him off of my toy. ” Seems the boys still have some fuel in their tank, you want a piece Prianka?” I ask her as she smiles and leads the boys away to a separate room. Tasnova just layed there, exhausted and a bit sore from all the action, but still not being allowed to cum. I flip her over on her back, before slowly moving on top of her. I grab one breast with one hand and begin to slowly finger her with the other. ” So, how’d it feel? Taking four different guys cum today?” I ask her. She doesn’t answer, instead just looks away. “It’s alright, I’m not all that cruel, I’ll let you enjoy the last round” I Say before unzipping my pants. Bringing out my dick one more time, I begin to rub my dick against her pussy. That’s the advantage of doing this little experiment. By the end of the day, her pussy is still fresh for me. I could see her biting her lips, almost as though she was hoping I fucked her at last. The entire days molesting and ass fucking did leave her craving for dick I suppose. I stopped teasing her and began pushing my dick in her pussy. She was already soaking wet by this point, which was good for me as it made it easier for me to fuck her. I kept on thrusting inside her, hearing her moan out with each thrust. Tasnova had subconsciously wrapped her arms around my neck, which made me proceed to thrust harder until I felt her body tighten up. It was exactly what she was waiting for all day. She had finally orgasmed. Her arms fell to the side as she layed there almost motionlessly, only moaning to my thrusts. This was it, I wanted her to feel like this. I wanted her to break, to consider if she was actually a slut. And while the full transformation would take more time, this was the perfect start. I proceeded to fuck her faster and harder before ultimately filling her up myself. As I pulled out, I had to admire my work for a few seconds. Tasnova was collapsed on the table, her body wet from her and my sweat, her pussy and ass leaking cum. This was truly a work of art. I set my camera to the side and called over the waiter to pay him the money for the food and the two booths. As I payed him off, I say him glimpsing at Tasnova. He looked away though when he realized that I caught him. I laughed a bit ” Alright, here’s the deal, as a tip, how about you go a round on the little slut too, as long as you agree to wear a condom” He looked at me and nodded ” Thank you sir” He said before going into the booth. I let him have his privacy for now, I’ll be able to check out the work later on easily. I head over to Prianka’s booth, to find her sitting on one of the boys dick, effectively riding him while she sucks on the 2nd ones dick and rubs the 3rd guys one with her hand. Overall, this was a pretty successful day. I though to myself, before beginning to plan for the next day.


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