A son caught leads to M/b

We were a happy couple trying out the nudist’s lifestyle (inside our home) and it ended up with us having sex with our son.  We’d often check in on him when in taking a bath, and often we’d find him either fingering his butt or trying to stick something up his butt.  Like the bottles of shampoo, we’d walk in to find him sitting on one of the bottles so the cap was up his butt hole.  Then he found his mother’s toy box snooping in our room, then I told him it was his mother’s, and he asked the question what are they for; which we told him to never mind what they’re used for.

It was not two or three days later I found him in his room sitting on one of her dildos and when I walked in his back was turned to me, so I got a pretty good view of him riding her 7″ dildo.   My wife being a liberal said if he likes it, as long as it’s not hurting him, then let him learn, and grow up as he wants to grow up.

Around a year later, there was a teenage boy who lived a couple houses away which he knew, and would ride his bike around the courtyard with our son.  One day I caught them two behind my garage and the teenage boy was flat out fucking my son.  The teenager of course freaked out, they both started crying, I told them both we should all set down with with my wife, and talk about it.

So we’re all talking (my wife dressed), our son tells us he asked him to do it, which my wife understood that it was not forced or anything, then my life basically said horny boys will be horny boys, if they’re willing that’s a part of life you boys do.

Later that evening all three of us were watching TV (we’re in our home so we we’re nude) my wife asked me how big was that boy’s cock and I said it was about 7″, almost as big as mine, then my son looks over at me saying really yours is bigger.   I told him yes, mines a little bigger, and a lot thicker, then my son says really I want to see, I never seen yours stiff before.  Then my wife blurts out, yeah show him and say no.

My wife then gets up comes over to me, sits down next to me, she then took a hold of my dick, and started playing with it.  My cock got hard right away, she then told my son to come over and see.  Well that lead into him touching me, which lead into my wife showing him how to suck a cock, which lead into my wife wanting to see him sit on my cock like he did the teenage boy, and that lead into me fucking my son.

Then we kind of just started having sex with him, my wife would suck his dick as I fucked him, and the first pussy he fucked was his mother’s pussy.

We still carry on a threesome with our son.


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