Confession of an Uncle – Part 3

I have been sleeping with my niece in-law since she was young, now she has been living with me, and my wife (her aunt). Here are the Part 1 and Part 2.

It’s morning, I’m setting in the living room drinking coffee, my wife already left for work, Amber (Amy’s oldest daughter) and Ricky (Amy’s son) came down the stairs rubbing their sleepy eyes.  Ricky gets some juice setting down next to me so close our legs are touching and Amber crawled up in my lap.

I asked where Heather is at (Amy’s youngest daughter), Amber laughed saying; “shoot she’s still sleeping” and then Ricky said; “she was sleeping so hard last night she was snoring”.  Amber chimed in saying; “YEAH, what you do to her last night”, she then paused, leaned over and whispered “daddy” in my ear.

I laughed saying; “I didn’t do anything she didn’t want me to do”, Amber replied; “you need to keep doing it because she’s not slept through the night in a long time”, and Ricky added; “yeah but she kept me awake”. The morning went as normal, Heather finally got out of bed, they ate, and were out playing in no time.

Amy was in the kitchen doing dishes, I went into my office to get some work done, and Amy was working around the house cleaning.  Then a few hours later Amy comes into my office saying Amber wanted to see me upstairs, I ask her why, and she says; “it’s a surprise she setup”.  I about ran up the stairs, when I opened the door there she was on the bed, completely naked, with a finger up to her lips, and giving me that “oops did I do that” look.

I started to get up on the bed and she said; “take your pants off daddy”.  By time I got my pants off and kneeling on the bed in front of her, I was rock hard.  Her eyes are glued to my cock, I say; “baby you know I love you no matter what and I’ll always take care of you no matter what”, she replied; “yeah I know” and then she looked up at me saying; “Heather and my mom was right, it is a lot bigger then Jim’s” (her father).  I told her to lay down, I then got between her legs, and started licking her little hairless pussy.  As I licked her, I could see she too has taken cock before, I noticed she had nice long labia, and a rather large clit.  I kept licking her hairless pussy, then I’d suck on her clit, and I swear she squirted a little!

I thought no way a young girl can squirt, as I’m still working on her little pussy, she’s pushing her hips up to grind her pussy harder on my tongue, and she did it again!  I’m thinking it has to be pee, she’s just excited, and is letting some pee out.  She then tightened up, grabbed the back of my head forcing it into her pussy, and started moaning loudly as her whole body started to shake.

I started the “cool down” pussy licking (not as aggressive) and she says; “wow that was just wow”, I replied with; “yeah baby, you like that”, and she said; “ummm yeah”, pauses and then said; “I bet that I can take all of it”.  I got up on my knees in between her legs, grabbed my cock stroking it a few times and said; “you think so”? She looked at me smiling and just started shaking her head yes.

I started rubbing my cock up and down her hairless pussy getting her pussy sloppy wet with my pre-cum. Then I pushed the head of my cock into her and she grunted a little, I stopped asking her if she’s okay, and then she looked at me funny saying; “Yeah.?.?” as I shoved more of my cock inside her body I repeated what she said; “yeah.?.?”, she smiled at me saying; “Yeah” and giggled a little, I pushed more of my cock in her asking; “Yeah?.?. You sure”, she again giggled saying; “Yeah, stop playing” so I pulled out a little, and pushed my whole cock inside her tight little pussy.

She again grunted and followed it up with mmmmmmm. So I just started fucking her, like I fucked her mother Amy, she moaned every time I shoved my cock deep inside her little pussy, and I felt her already tight pussy tighten even more, then her body begun to tremble.  That was all I could take and I started flooding her pussy with cum.

After we was both done getting off, we looked into each others eyes, and just started laughing. I heard the door squeak, I turned to see Amy standing in the doorway, and I pulled my cock out of her little daughter saying; “clean daddy’s mess up baby”, Amy replied; “yes daddy”.

I went down stairs to watch Ricky and Heather who were playing off the back deck. When Amy came down, we sat out there talking the rest of the afternoon, a couple hours before dark, I asked Ricky if he wanted to go on a boat ride with me, and of course he jumped at that idea.

The girls were a little upset they could not go and I told them not this time because it’s a boy’s boat ride. So we get the boat loaded up, a large lake was just a mile down the road, and we got the boat launched in the water.

I take him to a cove hardly anyone goes, I anchor the boat, and start making small chat.  During which I asked him if he knew his sisters were having sex, he told me yes he knew, then I asked if it bothers him they’re having sex, and he paused, then said; “a little because I was always left out, my dad wanted to do it with them but hardly ever done it with me”.

I remember asking him; “do you believe that you dad didn’t do it with you because he loved your sisters more”?

To this day I’ll never forget his response, he said; “no, that’s not it, they got all the pleasurable feelings, and I had to use my toys”.

I asked him; “has it just your dad who you’ve let use your butt”?

He paused, looked back up at me saying; “no, I’ve let other men do my butt before” and my next question was; “WHO”?

He wouldn’t tell me, then one thing let to another, and the next thing I know I have Ricky bent over the boat’s engine cover with his pants down as I was licking his little hairless asshole.

Just as I was about to stand up because I really wanted to fuck this little boy, Ricky says; “uncle Jay, that man has his dick out”, I look up to find the anchor broke lose, and we’re rather close to the shore where there is a guy standing there jacking off.  I recognized the man who I had actually went to school with, so I figured I’d go check him out because he seen me licking my nephew’s asshole, and I pulled the anchor up so we’d drift right to him.

As soon as we was close enough, he jumped up on the bow of the boat, and said; “I see you two are out having a nice time” which I laughingly replied; “looks like you was too”.  Both Ricky and I were naked so the guys says; “well do you mind if I join you two?” and I replied; “I don’t care but you have to ask him, it’s his butt”.

Ricky looked at the guy saying; “naaa, I don’t care” then Ricky looks over at me smiling and said; “I love uncle Jay”, which I replied; “I love you too Ricky”, so I set down in the captain’s chair spreading my legs open saying; “well come here and give me some love son”.

Ricky squatted down in front of me and started sucking my cock. I watched Ricky spit in his hand and reach between his legs.  Then Ricky stood up, turned around, he then bent over reaching though his legs taking ahold of my cock, he lowered himself a little to line the head of my cock up to his little butt hole, and I could not believe when he sat down on my cock all the way, taking my whole cock in his boy pussy. He looked back at me saying; “mmmm, your dick is big”!

He then begin riding my cock as he bent over a little and started sucking that guy’s cock. It didn’t even take me a few minutes before I started filling his little butt with cum and when that guy knew I was starting to cum, I heard him grunt, and then grabbed the back of Ricky’s head.

After we were done, we’re setting bullshitting, and the guys says; “man I know a few guys who will pay at least a grand to fuck his little ass”.  Before I could even say any thing, Ricky looked at me asking; “what’s a grand?” I said; “it’s a thousand dollars” and Ricky eyes light up, he turned to the guy saying; “OKAY!”, and then I replied; “slow down son”.

I got the guys contact information dropping him off on the shore, Ricky and I were talking on the way back, he was all for it but I told him I wanted to talk to his mother first.


Later when I spoke to Amy about what happened and what was offered, she said; “it’s your call, I trust you and will do any thing you say”.


Stay tuned…………


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