First Time with Sister

Hi! I’m Raj. I’m writing this story based on my fantasy of having sex with my sister. I hope you enjoy it!

I’m 16 years old. I’m from a Indian Tamil family. Mom and Dad working. My sister is 22. A true work of art. I have admired her beauty since I was small. But not sexually. I masturbate a lot since I hit puberty. But never once I saw my sister in a sexual way. She was truly beautiful. She dressed decent. We’ve shared beautiful moments with each other. At her 18 she left for college to Delhi. She started changing. She started to wear shorts that are smaller than mine. She started exposing her body. My mother hated that kind of dresses. After her college got over she came home. She didn’t have a job yet. My mom and dad were looking for a groom.

So one day my mom and dad were out for two days. That usually means I’ll be on TV all day watching Hollywood movies and my sister will be on the phone all day. My sister woke up in the morning and went for a bath. When she came out I glanced at her. And suddenly I had the first sexual feeling on my sister. Her skin was so perfect. The color was perfect. Not too fair. Not too dark. She was wearing a towel. It was short for her. So it revealed her thighs. It was just a heavenly sight. My cock was already starting to get hard. She went inside a room and got dressed. Partially. She was wearing a shorts that was obviously very thin. And a long t-shirt. I was damn sure she was not wearing any bra because of the sight of two hardened nipples. I don’t know the exact size of her breast but it’s not saggy. It was big enough to squeeze but not big enough to bury your head. Her waist was flat. I wished I could see her belly button. Her lips were so pink and moist. Totally I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t care if it was wrong or anything. I just wanted to do it and I thought I had every right to enjoy my sister.

I was watching TV but all my thought were on my sister. She was in her room. I didn’t know how to get to her. I thought of looking it up on the net. I didn’t have a laptop so I have to use hers. I went into her room to take the laptop. I enjoyed the sight of her lying in the bed as much as I can between the time I got the laptop. I went into the Hall and opened the laptop. I went into Google chrome. Now that I have the laptop I wanted to watch porn. I tried to type in pornhub but to my surprise it showed up in suggestions. It only means that my sister has been watching porn. I quickly opened up the history and read it. The porn was from one month before. She had watched so many videos. At least 20. I thought this was an opportunity to talk to my sister about sex.

I went into her room and placed the laptop in front of her.
“What is this?”
She looked into the screen, shocked.
“It’s just some adult stuff. You’re not supposed to look into it”

“And you can?”

“Of course. I’m over 18. You’re not. Just close it”

“I’ve watched porn too”

She didn’t seem to be shocked.
“I know, brother. What do you want now?”

“From the history, I can see that you’ve some nice sense in porn. Can you show me some?”

“Fuck off”, she said.

“Ok then. I’ll show this to Mom”

“Are you seriously blackmailing me?”

“Sort of, yeah”

“Ok fine” she said.

She showed me a couple of porn links. I said that I wanted to watch that in TV and that I’m gonna masturbate. As I went to the hall again she shut the door behind me. I connected the laptop to my TV and started watching it. I didn’t pull down my pants but I kept stroking my cock. In ten minutes, I saw my sister peeking through the door. I invited her to watch with me. She hesitated at first then joined me on the couch.

My attention went from the porn to my sister. She was sitting beside me. She watched the porn with her fingers on her pussy. I can see her shorts getting wet. She was too hot. I can see her nipples getting harder and harder. I decided to make my first move. I slowly put my hand on her things and carcassed her. She suddenly spat my hand. But I didn’t stop. I did it again. This time she gave in. She saw straight into my eyes. Her eyes were dripping with lust. Begging me to fuck her. I didn’t delay. I pressed my lips against hers. She held my face in her hands. It was a passionate kiss. I could feel her tongue playing with mine. Saliva was dripping in the corner of her lips. I licked it. My hands were now squeezing her boobs. She suddenly stopped.

“I don’t think this is right”she said.
“I don’t care” I said.

I pulled up her shirt and removed her panties. She was such a hot sister. She was fully shaved. I started to lick. First I kissed her neck. She was starting to moan. I slowly worked down to her boobs. Her nipples were so hard. I ran my tongue over them in circles. She was carcassing my head. I moved to her waist. She was perfectly flat. I put my tongue in her belly button. I started to lick so hard. I spit inside it and put my finger inside. Then I licked it again. I looked at my sister’s face. She was closing her eyes and enjoying her brother. Then I went to her pussy. It was so soft. Liquid was already dripping out of it. I licked it. It tasted a bit salty but was very good. I parted her pussy lips which revealed her pink vagina. I started to lick ferociously. She was now starting to moan loudly. I finally found her clitoris. I touched it slowly. My sister was already shaking. I started to suck my sister’s clitoris. She started to shake out of control. That didn’t stop me from licking. I licked and licked until finally I made my sister cum. White fluid was flowing from her vagina and I swallowed it. Then I she raised my head and kissed me. Her lips were so warm. She was moaning constantly. Then she took me to the bed.

She made me lie on the bed. My cock was standing up straight. She climbed on top of me and kissed me. We started to get sloppy with the kisses. More saliva were dripping from both our mouths. She then went straight to my cock. She slowly touched my cock. Then started to lick it. She slowly pushed my foreskin. It revealed the tip of my cock. She put her tip of the tongue in my cock. It gave me a heavenly feeling. She started to lick up and down. She then put my whole cock inside her mouth. I moaned in pleasure. After exactly 4 up and down I came in her mouth. She passionately swallowed my whole cum. I thought I was done.

Then she sat on me. Her pussy in my cock. I was so afraid that I’ll get her pregnant. But she didn’t seem to care. She took my cock in hand and put it inside her pussy. She was shaking up and down. It gave me a pleasurable pain. She started kissing me simultaneously. Surprisingly I didn’t cum soon. I started to fuck her hard. She was screaming. Then I stood up. I took her and put her against the wall. I pushed my cock inside her pussy and started fucking her again. She didn’t stop kissing me. I was licking her boobs. Then again without taking my cock out I put her on bed and started fucking her. After 10 mins of moans and screams I came for the second time. I was glad that I pulled out in time. My cum was all over her stomach. She took it by her fingers and licked it.

“I love you, sister” I told.
“Me too, brother” she said.

Then we both got up and went into the bathroom and we took a bath. I fucked her once again in the bathroom. Then we slept together totally naked with my hands squeezing her boobs. After this incident I started to sneak in every night into her bedroom and fuck her.

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