Mom Son – Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 go and read it first.

For info: I’m Wood my mom Ishiana and her sister Qudi.

Than days kept on passing I always watch her shaving her pussy and taking bath I kept touching giving her photos and getting hot comments and masturbating than.. It’s not so long about a month ago I was lying with her on bed. She slept and turned her ass toward me. I got horny. That day I was wearing a very small short without an underwear. I pull my short up from my right thigh and took my dick out from there.. My dick was soo fucking hard and hot. I start rubbing on her ass than inserted it in the middle of her ass (Her pajama/Trouser was still up covering her ass but her shirt was up). I kept inserting and removing it out than. After a while I start fucking faster and deeper and in meanwhile I was about to cum which I did on her pajama (Ass) and than I hold some and release it in bathroom. Then I cleaned my dick and come again to fuck. My dick got simultaneously hard and I start fucking. I kept going deeper and deeper and my whole dick was in.

My dick is about 5″ inches long and 2″ inches thick and at that time about 4.5″ was in and she suddenly woke up. I acted like I was sleeping and she slept again I went to bathroom to masturbate. After few days I got another chance to fuck her ass which I did. We wasn’t having electricity. So me and mom slept out of the room. She again turned her ass towards me and I start rubbing and than fucking. That time I jerked in my pant.

Now I kept watching her taking bath. Few days ago I saw her taking bath and I saw she fingered again….

This is all my story till now. I will upload next part if I do something new with her.

Hope you guys enjoyed.


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