My Mother

This story is about how I fucked my mother..

So this is my first story…

Coming to the story my name is Sampath I live in Karnataka with my family (my mom, dad and sister).

My dad is a governor employee and my mom is a housewife. While me and my sister are doing Engineering.

So we were having a good time.

So talking about my mom (Radha) she is fair and good looking has a perfect body.. My parents sex life was amazing as I saw both of them..

My father loves to watch porn so on weekends he used to bring some porn DVDs in his bag, and at night both my mom and dad used to watch.. As we all used to sleep in a same room. One night we all were sleeping and suddenly I woke up and saw mom and dad on bed watching something in laptop..

I was slowly peeping from my blanket then I saw they were watching porn. I was so turned on as I didn’t know my mom watches porn. After they watched porn my mom slept and raised her saree so that my dad could fuck her pussy. I didn’t see anything but my mom moans so loud that my father keeps his hand on her mouth.. After sometime he discharged in her..

Then next day I was being like nothing happened….

So one day my dad got transferred to Chennai he went. So it was me my mom and sis.

This is where story turned on as my dad was in Chennai he used to come once in two months and my mom was feeling lonely..

Later me and my sister went to college. As I was bored in college I wanted to go home. When I reached home early I saw someone’s shoes were there, then I heard some noise from bedroom as I went backside of bedroom where there is a window opened.

I was shocked to see Rahim uncle with my mom naked.

Rahim uncle was a good friend to dad as he helped us financially and very helpful and kind to us.

So I was shocked seeing them and first time I saw my mom naked her boobs were not so big but well shaped and fully erected nipples, and her pussy was covered with pubic hair.

And Rahim uncle was sucking my mom boobs with so passionately as my mom moaning louder and he slowly went down to her licked her pussy my mom was in heaven at the moment. Then mom said to him to insert his cock in her, Rahim uncle’s cock was giant 6 inches fat cock like in porn. He took out his cock and inserted in her pussy and banging her like a bitch. After some time mom gave him a blowjob my mom is expert in blowjob she was giving a deepthroat his 6 inches cock was in her throat. Then Rahim uncle cum in her mouth and my swallowed it. I was so horny my cock was erected seeing her..

Then they dressed up and Rahim uncle went away, then later I slowly went to my room and mom was in kitchen then I met her and she was so happy. Then I went to bathroom and jerked off thinking about my mom.

As everyday Rahim uncle used to come and fucked my mom.. As I was not able to control and I wanted to fuck my mom tonight so I planned.

Later that evening I went to mom and said that I had seen her and Rahim uncle fucking everyday. To that mom was shocked and started to cry then I caressed my mom and said it was ok. I slowly placed my hands on her boobs and she stood up angrily saying what are you doing then I said that I would tell everything to dad. Then my mom said sorry and asked what should I do.

Then I said her to call uncle to come home and she did what I said.

Later that Rahim uncle came home and my mom said everything to him.

Then uncle was shocked and apologising for what he did, then I said him that ” it’s ok if I should not tell this to any one you should do one thing”

For that uncle asked what is it.. Then I said ” I want you to fuck my mom in front of me” to this they both were shocked.

Later they both agreed.

My mom was undressing in front of me she removed her saree then her blouse and her bra. Her nipples were erected so as my cock. Then she removed her panty then I saw her beautiful pussy on front of me. Meanwhile Rahim uncle was also undressed and his giant cock was ready for a bang.

Then I said mom to give him a blowjob and she silently agrees and she was on her knees and sucking his dick. My mom was turning horny sucking his dick very hard I was turned on, then I removed my short and jerking off.

Which my mom saw and shocked then I went to her get blowjob and I asked her she stopped for a while looked at uncle and then sucked my dick OMG my mother was expert as my cock was not so big I can feel her throat.

Then later uncle was fucking her in doggy style and my mom was sucking my dick

His giant cock banging her pussy my mom Moaning louder

Later it was my opportunity to fuck her I slowly inserted my cock I can feel her pubic hair and she was so wet

My mom was so horny saying ” fuck me you mother fucked”.

I was fucking so hard pressed her soft boobs where uncle was slapping my mom saying suck my dick bitch..

Later uncle fucked her and discharged his sperm in her.

Then I discharged my sperm in her mouth and we slept there for a while.

Later it was casual for us we used to fuck everyday.

My mom became a bitch even today we still fuck her..