Sandy: hot stepsister

I found out she work as stripper when I move in with her and her mom. She always come home late but a lot of cash. She always wake up late.

One day I was watching porn and thought nobody was home so I turn the sound up. Suddenly she open the door and see laying on my bed watching porn, my dick stick out from my short. What you doing she ask while she got only her undies and topless shirt on. I thought you work today I said. Not today and I’m sleeping in she said. She look at me and smile little bit. “Hey sis you love what you doing, dance on guys you don’t know or them touching you” I ask her. How you know she ask? I saw you working when I went there with my friends. You got good move though o told her. If you wasn’t my stepsister I would hmmm let you give me a lap dance. Really she said. She walk towards me and sit next to me, her hand on my thigh and she look at me. You want lap dance. Sure I said. She got up and pull me off the bed and sat me down on my chair. She turn on the song and start grinding her ass on my dick, move her but up and down. I put my hand on her hip and she put her on my my and grab it while she do bump and grind. I see my dick got hard and sticking up. She didn’t know until she sit back down and it poke her. She turn around and so on me while she wrap her arm around my neck. She grind against me and rubbing on my dick she got up and open my leg. She got down and look at it. She look at me, go ahead I said. She grab it “woooow” she said. She jerk and jerk than she lean down and she put my dick in her mouth. Ohhh Jerez ahhh I said. She wrap her big juicy lip around my shafted and it feel like a suctions. Hmmmm she lick it. I can’t believe this I said. She suck faster and faster till I come in her mouth. She suck the life outta of me. She got up and tell me I’m her boy toy lol

After the first time we did, next night around 3am she come in my room wearing just her white gown. She got on my bed and craw and lay next to me while her arm on me. What you doing I ask. I want more of you she said. She move her hand down, rubbing my dick. Hold on it n jerk it. She lean over and kiss me. “I know you miss me and want me” she said. Our lip touch and I can taste her chapstick flavor. She kiss on my neck and down to my chest. She turn her ass towards my face while she giving me blow job. Her pussy is fat. I put my hand on her pussy and rubbing it, put my finger inside her. She got up and got on top. Doing a cowgirl I can see her curvy figure dmmmm. She move up and down and grind on it. Faster and harder ahhhhh yeaaaa she moan. She turn around and riding me while we kiss. Love you ahhhh ohhh she said. I turn her around and doggystyle time. Slide in and start thrust it harder and harder “yeaaaaa ahhhhh fckkk” she burst out. I was horny and it felt so good and cum inside her. I pull out and jerk in her mouth. She loved every drop of it.


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