Hello I’m Naveen, I’m from Chennai. I’m regular reader of stories from this website. I see many of them sharing in this website so I also wanted to share my incest experience which happened to me with my younger sister.

Our family is a nuclear family consists of four. My parents, me and my younger sister. My sister is 19 years old. She is 4 years younger to me. Due to privacy concern I address my sister name as Priya. I’m 23 years old, a bcom graduate from a reputed college at Chennai. My college is quite far from my home approximately 16 kilometers. I have to get at least 3 bus to reach my college there is no through bus to reach college. After I completed my second year my parents bought me a good bike which I love than anything else.

I never had sex thoughts about my sister. Truly speaking, friends I never talk to her. I never consider her, we never talk about our day. We used to fight like cat and dog. Whatever I speak she get angry with me so we cannot build a brother sister bond between us.

After we both grown up we reduced our fight and understood about each other. It all happened when my sister completed her 12th class. She got low marks in her final examination so she didn’t get seat in any college near our home because of low marks.

Our parents asked seat in the college which I studied. They rejected her and didn’t have her seat to study. Then I spoke to the college principal to join my sister in that college. I have good name in college amount lecturers. So they gave seat.

My sister doesn’t want to join my college as she cannot wear model dress like she wear in home. Girls must wear only chudi at our college. My sister is 5 feat tall with fair complexion. She never wear chudi anywhere. She will wear only leggins t shirt and sometime nighty at home. She never wear bra also when she wear the shirt though she has a huge pair of boobs. This is the reason I hate my sister she never dress like other in our surroundings.

When she told my parents that she don’t want to join in my college. They didn’t say anything favour to her. As she didn’t get seat from any of the colleges. My sister cannot live without a single day without her mobile phone. Our college won’t allow us to carry phone to college. She don’t want to college.

My parents got angry and said if she want to study she have to study in my college or she don’t want to study. Then she shut her mouth she didn’t talk anything. I don’t know what to say there. It was only week left for her college reopen she went and purchased some things for college.

After one week, my parents asked to take my sister to college in my bike. She refused to come with me and she went through bus. Two weeks she went through bus, one day she talked with me. She said that all teachers are talking about my behavior towards all. Every teacher comes enquires about me. I said that I behave well in class and respect all and do all there assignment chores regularly. So I get good name amount lecturers.

She hugged me and said “sorry I thought wrong about your behavior. But when hearing others praising you I feel proud about being sister to you. “I felt guilty as I also didn’t know about her behavior and how kind she is. I caressed her hair. She said that she will obey my orders and do according to my wish. I said nothing wrong with you. You are having good heart nothing problem with you it’s all there how I thought.

After that we both shared our things and eat food together whatever she buy she will share with me. I also buy some things which she like most like ice cream and cake. It was only one week left for her birthday so she got money from my parents for buying new dress for her birthday. She called me for the shopping to nearby textile shop.

She bought as the shirt and indigo color Jean pant. She ask me to stay outside the shop for a minute. I waited outside the shop and phoned my friend. She came outside the shop and gave me the bill. I kept the bill at my pocket.

We went to home. That time no one was at our home I went to my room and she went to her room. I opened the bill and saw it. She bought t-shirt pant and the panty and bra. I came to know for that only she asked me to stay out.

Next day were preparing for college. She asked me to take her to college in my bike. I agreed to take her and we reached half way to college. It started rain. We were almost wet. I drove my bike faster we cannot reach college as we were so I asked her that we can go home back. She said alright.

We know our parents won’t be at home by that time as they might go to work.As it was raining I wanted to go home faster so I asked my sister to come closer to me and sit and hold the bike tightly. She came near me and hugged me tightly that time I felt heat on my back from her boobs. My cock got hard on for the first time for my sister.

I was fantasising about fondling her boobs. Suddenly a crack in the road came. I didn’t noticed it. So I applied sudden brake. So Priya came near me. Her boobs crushed my back. She made a moaning sound. I asked what happened she said nothing just go slow. We went to home. I saw her she was fully drenched in rain water the dress revealed her body structure. It made my dick raise. She went to her room. She removed her dress and went to shower I waited for her and sat on the bed. She came with towel outside the shower. She asked why I’m there.  I said just for talk. Her thigh was visible and boobs cleavage also visible.

She asked me to go out for a minute as she going to change dress I went. I just want to remove her towel and push her towards wall and smooch her and want to fuck her really bad. But I cannot do that I said I go to shower for bath. I went and masturbated fantasising her with me fucking in the shower. I wanted to fuck her so I planned that I can open the door and ask her towel for me. So that I may get a chance to view her naked now. I didn’t think for a second and opened the door slowly. She was standing near the bathroom door. She saw my penis erected. And didn’t speak for a minute. I asked what happened. She said that she came to give me towel.

I got that towel and went outside she is seeing my penis continuously she didn’t took her away from my penis. She started speaking close to me than before. She kept her hand on my towel and said she will remove it. I said I didn’t wear inner. She got angry and went.

Tomorrow is her birthday so I planned to get her gift for her birthday present as surprise. I got a letter purse for her and kept at my room. I was waiting to give her the gift. I slept at 11: 30 PM. And woke at 9 am in the morning. I went to her room to wish her. I found she is alone. No one at our home. I went back of her and hugged her and wished her. I gave her a lip lock and pushed towards bed and removed her dress. She didn’t do anything she maintained silent, I played with her boobs and gave my penis to her she gave me a awesome blowjob. I let my penis inside her pussy and fucked her she made some moan and it made a crazy and I fucked her hard and rough she started to shout in pain. I took my penis out and  took her to shower and we fucked again.

Now we have good relationship between us. We had sex so many times in home as well as in college also. This is how I seduced her and enjoyed her.


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