Summer Nights – Part 3

So I took some tissues, wrapped them around my cock and jerked until I came. Normally, after I came I my hornyness would disappear and I would mostly get tired and go to sleep. But not in this Night. After I had jerked off I was still horny and my dick didn’t get limp. I took the tissues, full of my cum, and throw them into my little Trashcan. I took another tissue to clean my Hands before I took my phone to look for another Clip. I found a Clip which looked promising, it seemingly came from an Italian Movie. It was also a “Daddy-Daughter”-Movie. While in the first Clip the Girl looked young, maybe 20 – 22 years old, also very slim was the Woman in this Clip a bit older, at least 25 – 28 years old. She had a marvelous body with some great, big Tits and a great Ass, the Rest of her Body was Slim. She was a dark blonde while the Girl in the first Clip had dark brown Hair. The entire Clip was different, in this scene was the “Daughter” willingly fucking with her “Dad”. “Dad” was in this Clip also very different in comparison with the first Clip. The guy in the first Clip was a good looking guy in his 30s, with some Muscles. The guy in the second Clip looked more like a “Dad”. I think that he was in his 40s, but I am not sure, cause he was losing his hair and got a huge belly. To be honest, he looked more like me. In the last give years I started to gain weight and at the same time I was loosing my hair. Well, no one is getting younger. While this Scene was more of a normal porn scene with the Woman being fucked by this guy, it still satisfied my needs. The woman looked simply too good. Her great Tits and the rest of her body let my cock came back to life. I Love the look of her Tits as she got it in Doggy Style from the guy. As she was riding him, you got some shots of her also great Ass. After a few minutes I had to jerk off again, so I took again some tissues to masturbate in them. While I was jerking off to the Video I suddenly thought of my Daughter. I thought that her body must have been very close in comparison to the Woman in this Clip.

To be continued


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