Two Brothers and Their Sister

Two brothers have a go with their sister in the rear of their dad’s station wagon on the way to vacation.

There are not a lot of words here seeing as the details happened so quickly, in matter of only forty-five minutes somewhere on RT16 between Portsmouth and North Conway my twin brothers fucked me. My dad had planned this vacation for months, his yearly trip into the north woods for peace and quiet; basically we all looked forward to it, Mom, me, Johnny and Eric. As usual Dad didn’t get home from work early as intended so we got a delayed start, then there was the traffic going through Boston. By the time we hit the Portsmouth rotary, or as some call it, traffic circle it was getting dark. With no air conditioning all windows were down blowing wind trying to cool us a bit.

As the sand grew in our eyes Mom insisted that we change into our pajamas with the reasoning when we arrived at the camp we could just go to bed. The twins went over the rear seat of the Chevy Impala station wagon first changing quickly. Me on the other hand ducked close to the floor as I shunned my clothes then pulling the long nightgown over my body. Looking back I will never understand why I removed both my panties and bra, but I did, although I shouldn’t have. After, I also crawled over the seat taking residence between Johnny and Eric. Mom had gone to some fabric store in Whitman, bought a piece of foam rubber, covering it with a sheet making a suitable bed for the three of us, not entirely comfortable but adequate. All geared up from the excitement of the vacation all three of us promptly dozed off into dreamland.

I ignored it at first, but it was starting to get annoying. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. Eric was snuggled up close to me, spooning my body with his, not that I mined that but it was his dick, only sheer cotton amid us, it was pressed between the cheeks of my ass, not that was bad, but his grinding that was taking it’s toll. I knew boys got hard and he was asleep so I couldn’t blame it directly on him. The more I thought about it the more I became suspicious of Moms sex talk. I rationalize what she instructed me maybe not the truth. It all seemed too innocent of his part.

When his hand started to stray toward my breast I became skeptical that he was indeed asleep. Rolling over to my back his hand stayed put as his finger tweaked affectionately at my nipple. It was like a nerve starting at the nipple snapping downward to my cunny stimulating it beyond my wildest believes. I knew it was immoral, he was my brother but damn it felt good. It must have awoken Johnny when I repositioned my body as he too started with the other titty. Just as I began a verbal protest Eric made motions with his fingers to be quiet, who knows, I shut my mouth.

Mom and dads voices were barely audible over the sounds of the radio and open windows, I was sure they could not hear anything from the three of us. Eric’s dick was chaffing at my hip as Johnny toiled at pulling my nightie past my thighs, then there was finger probing around the delicate hair of my mound before it wedged itself between my unyielding thighs. Within a few fleeting minutes my twin brothers had the nightgown bunched under my neck as one sucked a nipple and the other had his finger sliding over my cunt lips as my legs progressively broadened.

I had never seen or felt a boy’s dick and hadn’t planned on it, at least not for awhile, but now, in the rear of my Dads station wagon, with him driving it my brother’s pajama bottoms were around their ankles. With no light it was difficult to see but as Eric changed positions I caught a glimpse. It wasn’t what I expected, short and thin, it first came to mind of a hotdog with a funny looking knob at the end, then again he was a year younger than me.

As Johnny kept sucking my nipple Eric pushed his hand away from my moist cunny at the same time he rotated on top of me. Panic hit, clamming up I tired forcing him off me, and afraid of alarming my folks I kept tight lipped figuring I could handle them both. Didn’t work out that way, Johnny began overwhelming me as he tried kissing, I began getting those tingling feelings again, then he was nestled between my outstretched legs. That hot dog was nudging up against my cunny sliding the length of it when it connected with my opening; Eric took the opportunity when he had it pushing upwards until the funny looking knob was forcing me open.

Looking back at what happened that dark night, if he had any size to him I sure I would have let out with a blood curdling scream, fortunately for all of us he slid it out of sight with no hindrance when passing my cherry. The first sensation I felt was a slight burning, then he drew back a tad. It took ten seconds at most for it all to occur, the stinging was promptly exchanged with a awareness of pulsations and swelling as I recognized I was being filled with something even though I had no idea what.

All that could be heard was a muted groan followed by Eric swearing under his breath as he rolled off my body. Looking down in amazement as Johnny was taking his position his dick looked different than Eric’s; it was shorter but fatter looking like an small Italian sausage, what was this a meat market? He took no effort descending into my cunny energetically. Retreating back and then reinserting it repeatedly as I felt a wetness escaping and flowing down past my bum. Then there was object between my legs as Eric reached amid Johnny’s legs fumbling around until his hand grasped his balls as Johnny persistent thrusting began to increase. Forty-five seconds later the identical phenomenon was taking place, but he didn’t stop as hastily as Eric instead he prolonged the action until his dick became squishy.

For a few minutes all three of us laid there in silence until, sandwiched between my brothers, something spilling from my cunny, spellbound, awaiting for something to happen. Then it happened, Eric twisted up on top of my awaiting body. Hovering over me he stroked his hotdog which was not hard, working the funny looking knob until it once again began to develop into a rigid stick. Lying on top of me he inserted it into a sloppy mess. This time he was vastly different than before, relaxed and unhurriedly he stroked the short length of it in and out of me.

I became aware of sensitivities I had never experienced before, I was in heaven, it was a full three minutes later before I felt his body tense up, my arms now swathed around his torso as he tried his best to fit more than he had inside me. My arms hugging his backside helping him force more in he stopped all movement in anticipation of his climax. Then he spilled another load of boy seed into my depths. Later in life as I reflected back he was attempting to get is dick head close to my womb hoping to spill into it.

My left hand was being dragged to Johnny’s penis; he was already stiff as he taught me how to fondle him, drawing my fingers the short length of it, pausing at the head, manipulating it while listening to his concerted wheezing. I think Eric may have already been asleep when Johnny took another turn after I rolled over onto my stomach making him mount from my backside. He also was exceedingly improved. Breathing garbled words through tangled hair into my ear, not complaining but telling me how wet I was, he seemed to be in hurry as compared to Eric, different but still fabulous. Even with the noise from the open windows I heard a sloshing noise escaping from our groins. As my ass rose upwards meeting his each plunge I heard another sound that I wouldn’t hear for another two years when I recognized it as his ball bag bouncing off soggy skin.

Resting his dick just inside my cunny, the tightest spot, I essentially felt each and every pulsation as his dick throbbed with every squirt of sperm. Then as he moved inside me his cream spilled running out across the fine wisps of fuzz of my mound.

All three of us lay naked in the warm air of a summer night dozing in and out of paradise. When the car began to slow we knew we were close. The car bounced off the roads rut coming to a halt beside the cabin. Now back into our night clothes Mom sent us off to bed. Walking across the camp yard I felt a oozing and then a wet flow running down the inside of my thighs as warm sperm leaked out.

To say the least the next week was interesting, my brothers and I had an excellent vacation, meeting two another family with two boys and a girl all about our ages.


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