Sex with my college senior Smitha

Hi friends this is buddycool89 (name changed) and with a first and awesome sex experience with my ex college mate Smitha (name changed). Well I am average looking guy aged 30 years and still unmarried height of 5.5 and slim and Bangalore guy by birth.

let me introduce you about my college senior Smitha (name changed), she is married and aged 32years and a mother of one daughter and still maintained her body structures well and beautiful and her husband is a businessman who most of the times keep travelling to abroad due to his work schedules and she is almost a lonely housewife and her daughter is studying in 4th standard and she was a senior in my graduation college and to tell frankly I had a crush on her specially milky and big boobs, curvy shaped waist and beautiful ass, all the guys would like to fuck her once a time but luckily I got the chance after her marriage and maybe if she had an intercourse with anyone but as per my knowledge she did not have intercourse with any other men.

So let’s get to the incident, once while returning from work I was waiting for metro train in magadi road and I spotted a beautiful lady in pink saree and her nice beautiful hair with kanakambara flower on her head and I admired her beauty and I could see that she was coming towards me with a smile and I turned my face and she came beside me and called me by my name and I was stunned as the lady I wished to fuck knew me. Oh my god I was really a bit nervous and said yes how do you know my name and she hit on my shoulder slightly and said hey its me your senior Smitha and I said oh hi its been a long time since I saw you in college days and she said its true and we were chatting and the metro train came and she said that she is on the way to her house and asked are you also going to malleshwaram and I said yes but due to some personal work and she said that I can come to her house and have a cup of coffee or tea, I said its ok well I am getting late and she insisted saying that we don’t know when we will meet again and maybe we may not get time also. I thought for a second and said ok Smitha since you are insisting I will not stay for long and I need to go early, she said ok fine and we got into the train and it was fully crowded and I was standing with her and I could feel the hot body and curves and her boobs were facing me and she was standing on the side of the corner and there were guys and she was feeling uncomfortable so I pulled her to the side and stood infront of her at the side of the door and her boobs were touching mine and my dick got hard and she felt it and I kept my hand inside my pant pocket and adjusted and she came a bit forward and her boobs touched again and my bonner became very hard and caught her by her waist and I could feel her feeling that she became wet down and slowly I touched her boobs and took my hand out as others will think something else and I knew the lady will loose her sweet very soon and adjusted myself and she saw me and blushed with a kinky smile and I understood the meaning and after getting down at malleshwaram she said needs to purchase grocery for dinner and said that she will join shortly and asked me to wait near the mantri mall and she will return in few minutes and she took my mobile and dialled her number and she said that’s my number she’ll call me in few minutes and understood the situation that happened in metro train and I went to a nearby medical shop and purchased manforce strawberry flavoured dotted and skore chocolate flavoured condoms and called her she said that she is on the way and I spotted her and I said that I saw her and waived my hand and she disconnected the call and we both crossed the road and she called for an auto and while travelling in the auto she said was asking about my education and work and I told her in short and when I asked about her she said that after college she got married to her uncle and she is leaving with her husband now and has a daughter and studying in 4th standard and she went to her parents house to drop her and she was returning and that’s when she saw me and we both meet. And after reaching her house she paid for the auto driver and I helped her with the groceries and she led me inside the house and since it was her own house of 3floor and she was residing in 2nd floor and we both had to climb the stairs and I became exhausted and she opened the door and I kept the groceries in the kitchen and sat on the chair and she came with cool drinks and served me and while serving her fell down and my jaws dropped she saw it and kept her hands on my chin and closed it and said don’t drop too soon there’s a lot of things to do in the bedroom and she winked and gave a kinky smile and she went to the bedroom saying that she is going to change her clothes and after fifteen minutes she didn’t come out so I went and knocked the door but didn’t receive the response so I opened the door and was shocked only to see her naked in the bed and calling me to fuck her and I had an instant bonner and I went and sat beside her and kissed her lips and slowly I started to explore her body and was caressing her boobs and slowly I went to her belly bottom and started to rub it and slowly I inserted my finger inside her pussy and it was already wet and slowly I started to finger her pussy and the lady was out of control and I understood that the sweet will loose its sweetness if not tasted very soon, so slowly I opened the condoms packet and took one and started to roll it on my penis and I was kissing her beautiful lips and we both broke the kiss and I went on missionary position and slowly started to insert my bonner inside her hole but it was tight and she was moaning and I liplocked her lips and with a thrust I pushed my bonner inside and she moaned and hugged me tightly and tears were flowing from her eyes due to the pain and I banged her in missionary position for almost 45minutes and then we both lay exhausted and I fell next to her and she kissed me and slowly she started to kiss my chest, abdomen and finally she took my exhausted bonner and she started to stroke it and was giving an awesome blowjob and again my bonner stood in 90degree and she saw me and winked and she sat on my bonner and started to insert it in her hole and it was bit tight and she closed her eyes and she thrust with a heavy push and it went inside and she was riding like anything and I could see that in her eyes and I understood that the devil was awakened and it’ll not rest until it has fucked to the worst extent and she fell on me and started to kiss as she was exhausted after riding me for almost an hour and we both were kissing each other passionately and I was squeezing her boobs and sucking and draining milk from both breasts alternatively and the breast milk was really tasty without any sugar, and she was caressing my hair and I was fingering her pussy in the right hand and she was moaning and after some time I lift her up and fucked her in flying position and she was moaning due to pain and after few minutes I threw her on the bed and fucked her in vagina and as I started to insert my bonner inside her ass she said please as she has not allowed even to her husband to insert inside it and I said my love you have not allowed to your husband, but I am not your husband saying so I thrust my cock inside her ass and she screamed and she closed her mouth and she was crying and I fucked her for almost 25minutes and cummed inside her ass and we both lay exhausted and I fell on her back and I saw that she was crying with a smile on her face and as I turned her towards me she hugged me tightly and said that I have satisfied her long lost lust for sex and we both moved to the bathroom for a shower there also I fucked her and she was screaming like hell and also did ass fuck and anal sex for almost 30minutes and as we came out of the shower it was almost 08 pm and I hit on her ass and she said not so hard and I said because of you I have not met a close friend of mine and she replied but you received something unforgettable for 3hours and as I got dressed and was about to leave she came and hugged me and said thanks for satisfying and we kissed each other for almost fifteen minutes and as I was about to leave she gave me 5000rs and said keep it for your expenses and I said I am not an escort but she insisted and forced me to take the amount and keep it for my expenses and I couldn’t deny her and took the money and went to the metro station and I received a video of her naked body and photos and she said that her husband will be returning tomorrow and she will be waiting for our next encounter and even I texted her same here and after that I fucked for 3times and now she is carrying maybe my child but I am not sure cause I used protection while fucking her and now also she sends me her nude photos with fat tummy and her ass has grown up a bit fat and those bulgy boobs also have become stiff and I am waiting for my next encounter with her after her delivery and hope fully its going to be very soon.

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