Wife of my boss seduces me – part 2

As business at the restaurant increased I was given a helper a woman around 62 years of age but not showing age on her face or body not a single wrinkles on her face or body. She is tall and good body also she wears Saree very well below navel and tight low v cut blouse shows very nice cleavage with a nice wide ass. She looks so sexy sometimes moving around our body braces and she would say sorry always. Once I told her not to be sorry as it’s morning time and it feels nice when touched, is it she asks me, I said yes, she hits me playfully saying naughty boy, I hit her back at her ass saying sexy girl. She is smiling I ask how come she is so healthy and beautiful at this age, she said it is that she practice yoga, while talking I pressed her ass bumps and kissed her boobs on her blouse, she said do you lick pussy, I said it’s my favourite, will you lick mine, sure why not. I sat down and took her Saree and under frock up and gone under her saree and licked and entered my tounge in her pussy. Also entered one finger in her tight yes her pussy is so tight like a virgin’s pussy. She is so wet now tells me to enter one more finger, now finger fucking her with two fingers. When I tried to finger her ass she objects a while, she tells me to fuck her standing position. I tried but not entering, then she tells me to doggie fuck her that I did, she was satisfied. Now every day me and her comes very early before every one then first fuck then work, this was our routine. She is a silent enjoyer, no sound but holds me so tight that sometimes I feel my bones are cracking. One day when she was not there my boss’s wife said since the helper is here we can’t enjoy, I said we can she will not tell anyone, how can
you know, now let’s fuck in front of her, she will come within few minutes, you send this item and come back I will fuck you infront of her she can be trusted I am fucking her also so she won’t dare tell anyone. She came after sending the item and the helper was there when she came. I said what a big ass you have to the boss’s wife. Seeing it my cock is hard the helper said to boss’s wife let him enjoy your ass he is a good fucker. She’s acting shy tells me to eat her pussy first, I did and she cumed, then I fucked her ass and fingers her pussy and unload my seed in her ass. Then it was agreed morning first every day two loads will be unloaded.


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