Fare Dodger

Joel was a twenty year old Nigerian guy living in London where he worked as a mini cab driver, it was late as he sat in his mini cab on the taxi rank in town, all the clubs had closed and the other mini cabs had gone home for the evening but Joel had remained … Continue reading Fare Dodger

Drunk And After

The when the council housing estate had first opened it had been a show piece estate it was talked about all over the country, there was a long waiting list of residents wanting to move on to the estate to live, then after eighty years the estate became run down with buildings crumbling the council … Continue reading Drunk And After

The Bath

The small country English town was normally very quiet and trouble free, this all changed one weekend when a fair arrived in the town and stayed for three days before the police told the fairground owners to leave town or they would be arrested and all the rides and stalls would be confiscated and destroyed, … Continue reading The Bath