Virgin stripper

” Saw you last night. ” Tom said walking into the kitchen looking at his sister

” What do you mean ? ” Sophie replied

” The strip club down town. Didn’t know you stripped. ” Tom replied.

” I wasn’t me, I don’t strip. ” She said turning around.

” Come on, do mum and dad know ? ”

” What the fuck are you talking about ? ” She asked.

” My 20 yr old sister stripping. ” He said.

” I am not. ” She said ” Fuck no, letting those perves see me naked gross. ”

It was 6pm, she wore a short blue mini skirt, red cross over top showing her stomach. The tie around her back. It was Saturday night. Their parents away.

” Are you working tonight ? ” He asked.

” Your talking shit brother. ” She said. ” I’m off out with friends. ” She replied.

” Dressed like a hooker. ” He said.

” Have to change yet. ” She said.

” Well I’m coming up tonight, I will I see you. He said.

She stood looking at him she knew she had been sprung. He had been in the club. ” Fuck ” she said.

” I saw you last night, I was in the back. I saw you naked. Nice tits by the way. ” He said

She sat on the sofa. ” Ok, you cant tell mum and dad. ” She said

” Really, so you are. ” He said.

” Yes ” she said. ” Fuck you saw me naked, its just to make some extra money. I’m not fucking. I’m actually a still a virgin ”

” Your a virgin ? ” He said.

” Yes, I’m just stripping, nothing else. I’m not ready to fuck yet. ” She replied.

” Well actually I wasn’t up there. But now I know your stripping. ” He replied smiling.

” Arsehole ” she said.

Sophie was 20. She had a 38C 24 36 inch body. She was 5 ft 10. Long blonde hair.

” Do you a deal ” he said

” What jerk. ” She said to her 22 yr old brother.

” I want a private show. ” He said.

” Pardon, Private show, your kidding. You haven’t seen me naked. No. ” She said

” I will tell. ” He replied.

She knew she was stuck, her parents would freak out if they knew. ” Ok, you tell no one ok. ”

” You have my word. ” He said sitting back smiling at her. She stood in front of him. He admired her figure.

She started moving her body. Running her hands over her hips up her stomach over her blouse. She turned around bending over running her hands over her hips and arse. She couldn’t believe she was doing it for her brother.

” Totally naked. ” He said.

She reached behind undoing her tie to her top pulling it forward revealing her bust and bra. She slid it off her shoulders to the floor.

He admired her red lacy bra, her hard nipples pushing through the fabric. She moved her hips from side to side rubbing her hips. He sat forward as she turned her back to him. He reached out undoing her skirt.

She pushed her leather skirt to the floor. Her arse visible. He lacy g string between her arse cheeks. She turned around standing in front of her brother in matching lacy underwear.

” Lap dance ” he said.

” She sighed and she reluctantly sat in his lap. She moved around his lap over his jeans. She could feel his hard cock in his pants. He put his hands in her hips

” No touching. ” She said.

” I’m your brother, I’m allowed. ” He said.

He pulled her into him sliding his hands up her sides onto her bra feeling her breasts. She then stood up.

He undid his jeans pulling them down pulling out his hard cock.

” Fuck ” she said. He sat playing with his cock as she danced.

” Come here. ” He said. She stepped towards him straddling his lap facing him. He put his hands on her bust. He slid his hands to her back unclipping her bra, he pulled it off her breasts falling out he dropped it to the floor.

” Nice tits sis. ” He said caressing his young sisters breasts.

” Perve. ” She replied. He leant in flicking his tongue around her nipples.

” Your not going to make me have sex with you are you ? ” She said.

” No ” he said. ” I know your a virgin. I don’t want to take it away from you. ”

” Good, I can cope with this then. ” She said.

” Your enjoying it ? ” He said.

” Didn’t say I was enjoying it, I can cope with it. ” She said.

He fondled her breasts kissing and licking her nipples, kissing over her breast.

” Get your knickers off, want to see your pussy. ”

” Really ” she said. ” Can I have one secret from my brother, in regards to my brother.? ”

” Yeh, no sex. ” He said.

She stood up facing him looking down at his cock. She couldn’t believe she was doing this.

” Turn around ” he said watching her turn around, he sat forward as she bent over pulling her the back of her G String down. He had cock in hand watching as she slid it down her legs to her feet. She stepped out of it and stood. She turned around facing him, her pussy in full view. ” Wow ” he said looking at his naked sister full frontal.

” Happy ” She said.

” Yeh, maybe I do want to fuck you now. ” He said.

” Fuck off. Your not fucking me. ” She barked.

” Lap dance. ” He said.

She sighed as she turned around, she sat in his lap on his cock he put his hands on her hips as she moved her arse over his groin and cock feeling his cock on her arse. He lay back, he made her turn around to face him. He made her rub her pussy up and down his cock. She straddled him his hard cock lay on his stomach. She put her pussy on top of it sliding up and down the top of his cock. ” Cant believe I’m doing this. ” She said.

” Suck it. ” He said smiling.

She flicked her hair behind her back sliding back down his legs, she picked up his cock putting her lips over his knob. She sucked up and down his shaft. He watched her loving his sister such his cock.

” Oh sis ” he said. ” Fuck that’s good. ” He watched her lick and suck up and down his shaft. ” Great blow job. ” He said ” You been practicing. ” He said smiling. She ignored him. She didn’t want to tell him she also did private strips and blowjobs for fifty dollars.

She sat up. He rolled her to her back knelling between her legs opening them seeing her pussy lips, her clit. He leant in licking her clit and pussy lips. She groaned as he gave her oral sex. She fondled her breasts, she was actually starting to enjoy it. She didn’t want sex, but was enjoying oral. He licked and circled her clit she groaned as he rubbed his fingers around her vagina hole. He could taste her sweet virgin juices. He kissed up her body to her breasts, he straddled her and lay his cock between her breasts. He pushed her breasts over his cock, he started tit fucking her, as he fondled them rubbing her nipples.

After a while he got off and lay down, they got into a 69 together. She played with his cock as he lifted his head into her groin licking and playing with her clit.

After five minutes of playing with her pussy and she played with his cock. She sat in his lap watching him wank his cock. She sat rubbing her clit, and her pussy lips. He rubbed his cock over her clit and down her pussy lips to her vagina entrance. He looked at her.

” No your not putting it in me. ” She said.

” Fair enough ” he said rubbing his cock over her pussy.

” This feels weird but nice. ” She said.

He played with her pussy with his knob as she rubbed and fondled her breasts. He wanted to put it in her, but he understood why she didn’t. He was just enjoying been naked with her playing with her.

She sat back looking down at her brothers cock playing with her pussy. He started wanking himself. She slid a hand to her pussy pulling her clit open rubbing inside. He groaned. She groaned as she orgasmed.

” Oh fuck ” she said ” Yes. ” A minute later he cum. He shot his cum up his sisters body hitting her breasts, all over her stomach and pussy. She rubbed his cum over herself. He rubbed his cock over her clit.

She leant back leaning into his groin putting his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked his cum off his cock and balls.

She lay on him kissing him. ” You know I really didn’t want to strip in front of you, but eventually I actually enjoyed it. Thanks for not pressuring me to fuck you. ” She said.

” That’s fine. ” He said smiling.

” Might have to come up and watch you strip. ” He said.

” If you don’t mind watching your sister. ” She replied.

” I don’t mind. ” He added

” Lets just say guys don’t get to do with me what you have done. ” She said.

” Your still a virgin. ” He said.

” Yep, I’m in no rush to have full sex, I quite enjoyed what we did. ”

” So if you enjoyed it, do we get to do it again ? ” He asked.

” I will see. ” She said standing up and kissing his lips picking her clothes up walking to the shower.

He lay there naked. Thirty minutes later she walked out dressed and said good bye.


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