Taking his V card.

About a year ago I started dating this guy, he was 18 and I was 17. He was still a virgin and I was not.

One night we had the house to ourselves. We didn’t plan on doing anything, just watch movies and eat munchies. He started kissing and sucking on my neck, which was turning me on. I decided to sit on his lap and started to dry hump him, and nibble on his ear. He was clawing my waist and was moaning softly. I removed his t-shirt and he took off mine. I then got off his lap, removed his jeans and jocks and took his hard shaft in my mouth and started sucking. He was pulling my hair which was making me wet. He then came in my mouth, but that didn’t stop me. I decided to do a little strip tease, slowly took off my shorts, then bra and last my g string. He was looking at me like I was a snack. I wanted him inside me! So I walked over and whispered ” take me daddy ”

He threw me onto the bed, and without a warning shoved his shaft into my wet pussy, I screamed out, good thing no one was home. He was going too soft for my liking so I decided to take control.

I was riding him like there was no tomorrow, both our moans filling the house and drowning out the sound of the tv.

While inside me he decided to play with my clit which made me tremble, I could hardly keep it together. He then flipped me over so we where doing doggy style, he had one hand pulling my hair and the other around my neck. Pounding my wet pussy. He then bought one hand down and started playing with my clit again. My moans escalated and not too long after I came. He sucked my juices and licked his lips. I sucked on his cock until he came in my mouth, I looked him in the eyes and swallowed every last drop. About 20 minutes later we went for a round two, doing almost every position we could think of. This guy literally had me trembling every time.


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