The Hostel

Karen was a sixteen year old trouble making girl, her dad had left home a few years ago leaving her mum to raise her, Karen’s mum started to drink very heavily and was now an out of control alcoholic, Karen was soon out of control getting involved in fights and smoking drugs, her violent temper … Continue reading The Hostel



Tracy was a violent racist thug who was well hated, the Bengali community had suffered a lot at the hands of Tracy who at just sixteen years of age had served two sentences in a young offenders centre, Despite being a thug Tracy loved animals and if she saw an animal being mistreated she would … Continue reading Protesting

As You Want

Mr. Khan was just saying goodbye to his twelve year old daughter Pia, who Amy who was in the same class at school as Pia walked into the shop that Mr Khan owned, Mr Khan looked at the Amy and knew that he was going to get racial comments from the girl who was known … Continue reading As You Want

Bad Nurse

Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who had just become a nurse and was just starting her second day in the East London Hospital, during her pre ward training Pia had surprised everybody when during a self defence class she had thrown the forty five year old ex SAS member on the floor … Continue reading Bad Nurse

The Witch

Sharon was a sixteen year old out of control teen who hardly ever went to school, people were scared of her, she had a very violent streak in her, she was racist and homophobic, the local police were wary of her and Sharon’s own family did not like her and had very little to do … Continue reading The Witch

The Big Freeze

The whole of the country was suffering because of very bad weather conditions, some parts were many feet deep in snow making travel almost impossible, other parts had no snow, other parts of the country had no snow but conditions were very icy with the temperature being below freezing, not many people venturing out of … Continue reading The Big Freeze

The Swap

Steve was a violent thug he worked for a mafia style gang that were involved in many illegal activities including smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, Steve felt quite safe in what he did as he knew the police were taking bribes to keep quiet, Steve lived in a small town not far from the … Continue reading The Swap