Lucky Times

At school Steve had been hated by nearly everyone in the school, even the tutours did not like him, he was known as the creep because he kept spying on the girls, he would stand at the base of the stair wells trying to see up girls skirts as they went up stairs, he tried … Continue reading Lucky Times


After The Visit

Sixteen year old Dawn was visiting her boyfriend Steve at the young offenders detention centre and was sitting at the table in the visiting room with the top buttons of her blouse open her ample boobs on view to Steve as well as some people sitting near by, after being in the centre for a … Continue reading After The Visit

New Girl

Not long after her parents have moved into the small country village sixteen year old Tracy started at her new school, on her first day she caused quite a stir among the boys and a couple of girls, her long blonde hair and tight fitting clothes that clung to her well shaped body caused many … Continue reading New Girl

Tipsy Dumped Girl

The party had finished and sixteen year old Sandra was feeling pissed off, she had been working at the party serving drinks and had been left to clear the tables, every one had gone and Sandra was on her own, Sandra was a trouble making girl was known to have a very violent streak in … Continue reading Tipsy Dumped Girl


Mr Khan was a fifty year old Bengali man who had left his wife and was living on his own in a tower block of flats, in his younger days Mr Khan had been a long distance runner and had won many races. His next door neighbours daughters were known runners Sharon who was sixteen … Continue reading Training


Linda was 38 long black hair slim body with small breasts but she looked stunning. She was married to a very successful business man name Chris and was used to great life of luxury. But life was about to change for her as she had a secret lover and for most of her married life … Continue reading Blackmail