He Fucked Me

I kiss you sensually. One hand on your jawline holding your face to mine while the other trails down your body to your hip. I hold there for a minute. Then I pull away from the kiss and smile at you. The hand on your hip goes up, taking your shirt with it. I kiss and bite your neck and collar resting my hands on your hips again. We slowly walk towards the bed and I push you down onto it yanking your pants free as we go down. We kiss again, a long one, tongues exploring each others mouths. I reach for your underwear and pull them down, putting your hands crossed above your head, slightly overpowering you and holding them there I start to finger you. Slow at first with one, then two then three fast and harder everytime one is added. You moan loudly as I bite your shoulder/collar area. I release my grip on your hands and move both of mine down to your hips where I start eating you out. I put two fingers inside of you as I’m also working my tongue and my other hand squeezing your hip. You eventually climax and I slide up your body kissing all the way. I grab your tits squeezing them and biting occasionally while we rub bodies. I go down on you again trailing my tongue down the entire way. Fingering and eating you out you eventually climax again, and I hold you down like before as I bite and kiss your body, you pull at my pants. Eyes glazed over, begging for more. I strip to nothing and you go and grab a condom. When you come back to the bed I pin you again sliding the condom on with one hand. I slowly slide the tip in and pause looking at you, you look back and I shove my penis in you as hard as I could, making you buckle and scream in pleasure. Than I continued to pound your body. Finally we both climax at the same time. We get up to clean ourselves off.We step into the bathroom, kissing each other. I lift you up and you wrap your legs around me as I shut the door. I sit you on the counter as we are making out and I start to lift up your shirt. Once that comes off I unclip your bra and place my hands on your hips while kissing you passionately. I lift you up again and press you against the wall while we continue to kiss. I pull away and smile. You unwrap yourself from me and take my shirt off, then my pants and underwear. I do the same for you and we step into the shower. I grab your ass. You smile and blush then turn around and kiss me. I push you against the wall and my hands go to your hips. One goes to your pussy and I start fingering you while my other hand trails up your body grabbing your hands and holding them above your head. I have 2 fingers inside of you while we kiss, slowly in and out they go then they get faster and harder. You moan loudly and uncontrollably as I hold you there against the wall. You climax, and I kneel down and lick you clean, wiggling my tongue in and out and eating you out. I eventually start to make my way back up your warm wet body kissing you again. I pick you up and push you against the wall, my dick going inside of you while you moan. I start slow and steady, then faster and faster, harder and harder, I go pull out just after you climax and I’m about to then you get on your knees just as I climax and it goes everywhere. In your mouth mostly. You start to blow me until finally I climax again. We soon clean up and get out of the shower heading to bed.


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