Lucky Boy

At sixteen years of age Ali had been disowned by his community who would have nothing to do with him because he was a known flasher, as Ali walked through the country side near the town where he lived he wished that he was back home in his own country of Bangladesh, he had very … Continue reading Lucky Boy

Paying The Boy

The council estate in the middle of East London was run down, it had been neglected by the council who wanted to close it down demolish it and then rebuild it into high class residential flats, the estate was slowly getting worse with brick work rotting, water pipes bursting regularly, grass over grown and many … Continue reading Paying The Boy


Looked After

Anjana was not feeling very happy her parents had gone to their home land of Bangladesh for a family wedding but had not taken Anjana with them instead they had left Anjana in the care of their next door neighbours, Anjana knew that Tracy who at sixteen years of age was two years older than … Continue reading Looked After

The Fake Bride

After being closed due to council cut backs the town library stood empty for five years, the building had one floor and a basement. it was announced by the council that the building had been sold, not long after the announcement builders were seen going into the former library and building works were heard, three … Continue reading The Fake Bride

Tom Boy

Anjana was a twelve year old girl from Bangladesh who was now living in the East End Of London, Anjana was a tom boy and well liked. Her dad ran a small firm of builders and Anjana would often help her dad by clearing up after he had completed a job and was on her … Continue reading Tom Boy

Rent Collection

Pia was sitting in the lounge of her next door neighbours house. Her mum had been taken ill and admitted to hospital and because her dad was working in her homeland of Bangladesh there was no family to look after her so the neihgbours were looking after her, Pia knew the family were very rich … Continue reading Rent Collection


Colin was sitting in the loft of the derelict house on the edge of the council estate that he lived on, Colin was a flasher and not liked, very few people would have anything to do with him, parents had banned their kids from having anything to do with him, the police had warned him … Continue reading Desperate

The Smell

The school had been designed and built for students with special needs and mainly for those with behaviour problems, the school records showed that the success rate was very high much to the joy of the headmaster who was an alcoholic his four tutours who did not care and did little work were happy that … Continue reading The Smell

Set Up Plus

Dawn who at sixteen years of age was four years older than her sister Karen, the sisters hated each other and were always fighting and arguing, they were known as the battling sisters in the small town where they lived, both of the girls were known trouble makers and both had a nasty violent streak … Continue reading Set Up Plus