Secret fuck before practice

I’m Kayla. I’m 16, have brown hair about 3 inches past my shoulders, I’m 5’6, and nice and tight.

One day before practice I was outside of our school and was wearing my volleyball stuff. Tight little shorts and tight longsleeve, mid shin high black socks, ya know really slutty. Hair curly and in a ponytail. A guy pulled up to me in his car and asked if I wanted to see his cock, because I apparently looked like I need a good fuck. I said sure, and he unlocked his car and I climbed in. He pulled over to an empty lot. Our practice is at 6 so its already dark by now. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive cock. It was 7 inches soft. He began to stroke it. It was semi hard and easily 9 inches. I gasped. He reached over and stroked my hair. I slowly leaned over and licked it. It jerked up and went into my mouth. He put his hand on my head and bobbed me up and down on it. He moaned and grunted load. He started pushing me slower, and then I felt and tasted his warm, gooey, salty cum fill my mouth. He came so much it started flowing out the sides of my mouth. I was a good girl and licked up what fell out. Then he reached over and began rubbing my ass. I smiled with cum on my face still. He began pulling my shorts down and I climbed onto his now hard 10 incher. He pushed it deep into my pussy. I moaned loud. And he began kissing my neck. I started bouncing up and down on him again. He was nibbling my neck and pulling on my ponytail. He told me to take it out. I got off quick, and he pushed it into my ass. I screamed. I’d barely done anal before this. He fucked my ass for a while, then went back to my pussy. He then had me get out of the car and get on my knees outside. He jerked off on my face and then came again. He shot at least 8 ropes of cum. Really thick, white, hot cum. It got all over my face and hair and tits. He then just got back in his car and left. Leaving me alone covered in hot cum. Then I heard something. I looked over and saw three kids from school in my grade, wide eyed. They walked over and pulled out their cocks. At this point I didn’t care. They were all at least 7 inches hard. Each picked a hole. 2 in my pussy, one in my ass. They fucked me hard like this for 30 minutes, then all came on my face. My face and hair were drenched with cum. I took some hot selfies after they left, and was then discovered by a stray dog. I’ll leave that to your imagination ?


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