Behind every successful man is a woman isn’t that what they say. Susan had grown up with very little but had met John when they where 18 and had fallen in love with him. They married at 20 and soon he got job in a big enterprise. He worked hard even long hours, but Susan didn’t mind she wanted that luxury life. 4 Years gone by and John had missed out on promotion again. This frustrated her alot. So when it came round again she decided to help situation. She found out who was in charge of the decision and made a date to talk to him. John never knew. She arrived dressed to kill short skirt, loose blouse. She talked to him and put her point across, every so often crossing and uncrossing her legs. Flirting with him. I promise you won’t regret it if you give him promotion. Really prove it he said. She walked round to his side of desk and got on her knees. Unzipped his trousers, pulling his cock out. Stroking it, then began to suck it slowly then deeper. One thing she was an expert of was sucking cock. She sucked him to he cum in her mouth, swallowing every last drop. In the next 3 weeks she sucked that guy’s cock nearly every other day. John got the promotion and everyone was happy. This worked for every promotion that came round. Now came real big promotion, big salary the life she wanted. This was a different level a sweet blow job wouldn’t get it. She realised she needed to become a slut. There were 2 guys who decided. One was Walter a guy in his early 60s, but fit and the other was Richie a black guy roughly 45. She made it clear to Walter he had permission to use her. He made arrangements one night to see him. He ordered her to strip naked, soon she was naked. She had great body firm ass and nice tits. Soon she was sucking his cock, suddenly he grabbed her pushed her over desk. Slapping her ass he pushed his hard cock inside her. You’re a dirty whore what are you. Yes I’m your whore she screamed. By now he fucking her roughly grabbing her tit hard making her scream. He shouted I want to fuck your ass. She felt pain as he moved to her bum hole and shoved his cock inside her. Soon she felt his cum full her bum. Over next few weeks he fucked her and every time he was rough. Richie was next. Only thing was this guy had a big cock. He fucked her mouth to tears filled her eyes. Then stretched her pussy like never before, sending orgasm after orgasm inside her. Omg she thought I never walk again when he ripped her asshole apart. But the worrying thing he always came inside her pussy. He fucked her when and where he wanted. John got his promotion and the life, but to get it she agreed to become Walters and Richie’s sex toy. Now the next problem was she’s pregnant and she thinks it’s Richie’s. The price of fucking your way to the top or in this case your husband.


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