The erotic confession of she-demon – part 1

I’m Kareema Zainab Rasooldeen. I used to live in Sri Lanka.

Lemme tell you my story, through the hands of my own personal writer, in my own words…


…I was born in 1965, in Ampara district, Eastern province, Sri Lanka.

I’ll hide a few facts not to make my whereabouts too obvious. But I’ll hide no details on the sexual part.

Have my word on that.

Anyway, my parents were in a hurry to marry me off, so they’d already found a husband for me while I was still a high school student, and within days after I turned 19, which was in 1984.

I had a slim body and comparatively larger boobs, hips, and ass cheeks, which was visible even through the loose clothing I used to wear.

Plus, I had the milky white skin that’s pretty much identical to moor females of this country. No, it wasn’t an exaggeration. My height was 5’8″ which was a good height for a woman, by the way.

My first extra marital sexual experience didn’t happen when I was 22. It happened a few days after my marriage, in the hands of someone I used to consider as one of my best friends.

April 4th 1984 :

It was a Wednesday. As you see, it was a weird day, because it was a 4th, April is the 4th months of the year, Wednesday is the 4th day of the week, and the index of 1984, is 4 as well.

Weird days bring weird experiences or something, I guess. What happened that day…how can I forget? It was the day that changed me from a faithful wife to a cock seeking whore, a cum dumpster, a slut…you name it.

Here’s what happened.

It was a school day for me, so I went to school wearing my school uniform, which consisted of my head cover, my long sleeved gown which had a set of buttons in the front and covered down to my knees, my trouser that covered my legs completely, and my pair of school shoes. My suit was white, and my shoes were black.

They weren’t loose enough to hide my body shape and they were somewhat transparent, allowing men to see exactly where my bra straps were. On my way, and even at school, I saw adult boys looking at me, greedily.

Now that I was married, and thus no longer a virgin, I guess they were at ease, somehow.

It was the interval time.

I was somewhat of a studious girl, so I was in the interval, I was still at class, studying.

As it was the interval, I was alone.

There came Anil Perera, who was a class mate, and one of the best male friends I had.

Anil was almost 6 feet tall. He was dark, and he had somewhat built muscles due to hard workouts. He wasn’t a very hairy guy but his chest hair was visible over the part of his chest that his school uniform shirt covered. He was a handsome guy. I would say,

As I was studying, Anil came and sat at a desk that was like one foot away from mine.

I was still studying.


I nodded my head.

“Heard you got married recently. Congratulations, Kareema.”

I looked at his face. He was smiling. I smiled back.

“Mh, thanks Anil,” I said as I went back to studying.

“You know,” Anil said as he bent towards me a little. “I guess I should have told this earlier but…whatever.

“I wanna tell you something, Kareema.”

I can tell definitely that he was somewhat expectant. Anyway, I looked at him.

“Sure, Anil. Go ahead,” I said as I sat on my seat comfortably and looked at him.

Anil thought for a while, as if trying to make up his mind, and then he too sat straight on his seat, looking at me eye to eye.

“Here it goes…I loved you, Kareema.”

When his words hit it ear, I almost froze. I didn’t know what to say.

“Uhm…excuse me?”

“Yeah, Kareema. I always wanted to make you mine…” He started talking.

He said a few things, and as he said, I couldn’t help but notice his growing bulge in his pants.

His cock was enlarging towards his right trouser leg. Damn, it was big! I could tell it was definitely bigger than my husband’s.

But instead of trying to move away, I started talking, this time, sympathetically.

“Look, I’m sorry about you, Anil. I know you cared for me a lot, but…you see? We’re from different background. My parents will never let me marry someone like you.

“I’m sorry, Anil, but that’s the truth.”

I saw his eyes getting red. It wasn’t sorrow alone. It was anger, an anger that I’d never seen in his eyes, before.

“I don’t care that you’re married now. I’ll still do what it takes to make you mine,” he said as he stood up at once.

I started sensing something going wrong with him. But it was too late already.


He held me by my neck, with his left hand on the back and the right hand on the front, and stood me up in a second.

I felt the tightness of his grip against my neck, and for some weird reason, I also felt myself turning on. Already, I felt some wetness in my pussy.

I was surprised. My husband was very soft with me and he was pretty unsuccessful at turning me on. But this one hard act, that looked far from even sexual, was already turning me on.

“Coh,” I coughed. “Anil…Lemme go please,” I pleaded, clinging to his wrists. My eyes already started watering. Was it because of the fear he might kill me, or was it because of the weird sexual feeling rising inside of me? I didn’t know then, but I know now.

Honestly, deep down, I didn’t feel like I should be resisting this at all. If it was my husband, I’d have let him do it, because it was turning me on pretty fast.

“Hzmmm…thooh!” He pulled up a load of saliva and spat all across my face. I shut my eyes tight immediately.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t know what to do. I close my eyes tightly.

“How pathetic was your new hubby, you slut?” He asked as he was violently shaking my neck to my left and right.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him, with my hands still clinging to his. He looked at my hands, and back at my face.

“Bitch, let go of my wrists!” He commanded. I didn’t.

“Lemme go, Anil, I won’t tell anyone about this. I swear!” I pleaded again.

He pushed me to the top of my desk. My frontal upper body and my chin hit it, with a thud. It hurt me a little.

“Aay,” I moaned, as I felt him holding my both wrists from either side and pulling them towards by lower back.

Now I was even more scared.

“Fucking whore…I’ll teach you a lesson today,” he said as I felt him gripping my wrists together in his left fist.

Maybe if I struggled I could have been freed of his grip, but honestly, I didn’t. No, I didn’t resist anymore. I was feeling horny.

My own body was betraying me. Realizing this, my eyes started watering.

“What are you gonna do?” I asked him, looking at him over my right shoulder. I saw him pulling a school tie outta his right pocket.

I knew what he was about to do. Looking back at it now, I can’t say I had a big problem with that really.

“No no no…please no, Anil…oh god no! Please, what are you trying to do?” I cried, as he tightened the tie around my wrists.

Then he held my neck with his both hands, this time his left hand from the front and his right hand from the back, and stood me.

“Come with me, bitch!” He commanded as he started pulling me towards the back of the class room.

The back of the classroom had a door that opened to an abandoned store room sort of room. This door was the only door into that place, and there was just a window at the back.

That was all, and the room was somewhat dark.

In the room, there were old desks, chairs, beds etc here and there.

“Stand here, you fucking whore!” Anil said as he turned my back towards the wall on the other end of the room, and pushed me against the wall.

“Ah,” I gasped as my arms, that were tied behind my back, hit against the wall and I stopped there.

He came forth, and grabbed my boobs, tightly.

“Aaay Anil, that hurts,” I moaned.

“I know, slut. That’s what I wanna do…rrh, rrh!” He started growling as he started roughing up my boobs.

“Oh god…No…please, Anil…please no,” I was weeping and pleading, even though deep down, I was curious to see where this ends.

As I tightly shut my eyes and turned my face to my left side, I felt him playing with my boobs.

He squeezed and released my boobs, he grabbed them and rubber them against each other, he slapped them, pinched my nipples which make me moan with my mouth wide open, and he held them and hit them against each other a few times.

“You like that, slut?”


“Wrong answer!” He said as he started unbuttoning my gown. As I said earlier, it had buttons on the front side.

He unbuttoned me all the way down to my belly, pulled my gown apart and looked at my bra covered boobs, with wide open eyes.

“Oh my goodness, you really deserve some rough Sinhalese hands on these beauties,” he said as he tried to push them up and expose my bare boobs. He was in a hurry, and in no mood to care about how badly his act was hurting me.

But, I dunno why, the pain the pulling bra caused on my boobs, was turning me on even further. I was close to wetting my panty.

“It won’t just come off,” I finally said. He stopped and looked at me.

He took my face in his hands, with his hands in either side of my face and my neck, and closed in for a kiss.

I closed my eyes, and soon I felt our four lips meet each other, and the right side of his nose rub against that of mine.

Soon enough, I felt his tongue penetrating in to my mouth, and at the same time, his two hands rubbing my neck through my head cover that covered my neck.

He rubbed my neck down and soon I felt his hands going under my head cover and rubbing my bare neck, up and down.

He broke the kiss. I opened my eyes and looked at his. I felt his hands rubbing me down to my boobs, grabbing them once, and rubbing my bra all the way towards my back.

I knew what he was looking for. I cane a few inches away from the wall.

“Glad to see you finally complying, you fucking slut,” he said as he kept rubbing his hands until he felt the hook.

He unhooked the bra and pulled it off my boobs, and upwards. He exposed my boobs.

He pushed my boobs towards my shoulders, and what he did then, was unexpected.

He hugged me tightly and “armm,” he took my right boob in his mouth.

I felt his boobs against my nipple. His hardest was hitting against one of my softest. It was a weird feeling. My hubby never did this to me.

Thinking that he could even bite my nipple off was a scary yet arousing thought.

I saw his head moving like that of a python swallowing a big rat, violently, as he kept biting my soft, milky white boob again and again, until it was fully inside of his mouth.

“Does it hurt, slut?” He asked as my boob was still in his mouth, as he widened his lips, and bit my boob.

Yes, it hurt me, but by now, I loved every way he hurt me. So I threw my face up, and “aaah,” I moaned.

He then pulled his mouth back, releasing my boob.

I opened my eyes and looked at my boob. Even in the slight light in the room, I saw that my boob was shining with his saliva.

He then grabbed my boob with his both hands, and started sucking it, opening and closing his mouth on my nipple. I repeatedly felt his teeth against my nipple, hurting me, but also arousing me. I felt his tongue rubbing around my areola, multiple times.

“Aah yeah baby,” I moaned. I wish I could run my fingers through his hair, but my hands were tied.

He sucked my nipple so hard it started hurting me, soon enough.

“Ahhhm…Anil, you’re hurting me, baby,” I moaned.

Without a question, he turned to my other boob, and started doing the same things to it.

Meanwhile, his hand rubbed me towards my back and grabbed my ass cheeks hard through my gown and my trouser.

“Aaay,” I moaned as he did that. Soon, I felt him raising up my gown, reaching down to the edge of my trouser, and coming forth towards the button and the zip of my trouser.

I knew what he was about to do, but I was curious to see what would happen. My hubby had never reached under my panty with his hands.

Then he broke away from my boob and took his face towards mine, and as expected, came in for another kiss.

As I went forth, with my eyes closed, I felt him stopping. I opened my eyes.

“Why, Anil?”

“This time, kiss me back, okay?”

“Okay Anil,” I said as I closed my eyes and started sharing a kiss with him. We opened and closed our mouths, rubbing both sides of our noses, with those of each other, and using our tongues to fight against those of each other. I was tasting his saliva and he was tasting mine…what a feeling it was! I wish my pathetic excuse of a husband knew better.

At the same time, I felt his hands removing my button, and pushing down my zip. He loosened my pants.

Then he broke the kiss with a light bite on my lip and pulling back until it went off his teeth, and bent down. As I opened my eyes and looked at him, he started pulling my pants and my panty down at the same time.

He pulled them down to my knees, and stood back up, rubbing my right thigh with his fingertips all the way up.

He then held the front of my neck with his left hand, tight enough to make me cough.

“Coh, coh.”

He hand me held, pressed against the wall.

“You feel that, huh? You goddamn slut!” He said as he pushed his big right middle and ring fingers into my pussy, and started moving his hand up and down, mixing the inside juices of my pussy with a “chaka-chaka” sound.

I looked at his face, as my mouth opened and an “aaah” left my mouth, almost unintentionally.

He bit his teeth, as his grip on my neck tightened, and his hand started “fucking” my pussy faster than ever.

My eyes shut tightly, my mouth wide opened, as a long moan left my mouth.


I was reaching my first orgasm in seconds. My entire body was shivering, despite his right grip against my neck. My legs were trembling, but he wasn’t stopping.

He fucked and fucked, and when he left my pussy, I came all over his pants and the floor.

“Aaah…oh my god, Anil…heh, what did you do to me?” I panted, a smiled, as he left me to lean down against the wall.

I leaned against the wall until I was on my knees. I looked at the huge bulge in his pants, and as I did so, he started unbuttoning his trouser.

“You know what you’re gonna do now, bitch?” He asked as he unzipped his pants and pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing the biggest cock I had seen till date.

It was dark, uncut, and altogether at least twice as big as that of my husband.

I was lost in the size of his cock, as he held my head cover and at once pulled it off my hair.

“Aaah,” I moaned as it was pulled off my hair. I heard pins that were used to keep the head cover in place, scattering around, leaving my hair in a mess within just one moment.

Thinking back, I can tell you this. The recently married faithful housewife was no longer there. What was there, was a cum hungry whore, waiting impatiently to take whatever the man in front of her would give.

“Suck this, bitch!” He said as he held my hair tightly in his right fist and pulled my face towards his cock.

I first kept my mouth shut tight, but as he kept pressing his cock against my lips, I opened.

In one go, his entire length was down my throat, and it was suffocating me.

“Take it all, whore!” He said as he held the back of my head with his both hands and pushed it as much as possible down my throat.

He smelt somewhat sweaty, because it was the afternoon. His cock area was well shaven, so my nose pressed right against his groin.

My eyes were tight shut, and now, it was hard for me to breath as well.

“Mmm…mmmh!” I made a sound, as he kept pulling my head against his cock.

A few seconds ago, he let go, but as soon as I pulled my face an inch or two away, he held my head hard in his hands and started fucking my mouth.

“Gok, gok, gok, gok,” I started making sounds as he kept fucking my mouth.

I opened my eyes. He was fucking my mouth like a bull, moving both my head and his hip, back and forth. I thought he’d cum into my mouth, but he didn’t.

At once, he stopped and as he removed his cock, he pushed me by the right side of my head, to the ground.

He waited a few seconds. I knew he was trying to delay his ejaculation.

“Why didn’t you cum in my mouth?” I asked him.

“Bitch, did you think this was gonna be that easy?” He said as he held my neck, like before but with his right hand on my throat, and stood me up.

He roughly turned me around, and untied my hands.

It was then my hands started feeling the flow of blood back into them, again. I rubbed them with my palms, and turned towards him.

“Strip!” He commanded me, as he started stripping himself.

“Anil, we should be going…” I started talking as I stepped a little forward but he held my shoulders and shoved me against the wall. I hit the wall with a thud.


“I said strip, bitch!” He said as he continued stripping.

It didn’t seem like I had a choice. I slowly started stripping.

I pushed my gown off my shoulders and let them fall to the ground. I walked out of it, sat on a nearby chair and took off my shoes, and then my socks.

As my feet hit the cold ground of the room, I felt even more of an arousal, and I still dunno why.

Then, I pushed my trouser off my legs, and then my panty.

Finally, as I stood up, I pushed my bra off my shoulders. I collected my suit and put it in one place.

As soon as I did that, I felt him hugging me tightly from behind. I felt his now big cock pressing against my lower back.

I remember sleeping with my hubby after sex, spooned into him, and I could tell how I felt his cock, and this was definitely bigger than his, across all dimensions.

As I felt my boobs getting crushed against his forearms, I lightly held them with my hands.

“Mmch, mmch, mmch,” he was kissing my back, wildly, here and there. It made me smile.

As he started kissing my right shoulder towards the right side of my neck, I looked at his face, and smiled.

It was then he held my neck with his right hand, turned my face towards him, and started kissing my mouth again.

He broke the kiss, and holding my neck still, he said “I’m gonna fuck you do hard you won’t be able to walk to the bus stop by yourself.”

It was then his intention was fully clear to me. He was gonna penetrate my pussy with his cock.

The guy whom I once considered to be a best friend, and now he was a different kinda friend to me. Just the way our lives change, I guessed.

He turned me towards himself, and kept pushing me until I fell on a table, with a thud.

“Ah,” I gasped, and as I straightened myself on my elbows, I saw him pushing my legs aside and wildly starting to eat my pussy.

“Mch, mch, mch.”

“Aaah…oh my god, you’re crazy, Anil,” I moaned, with my eyes closed, as he kept eating my pussy.

Feeling his lips, tongue and teeth against my clitoris, which was my most sensitive, and my vaginal walls, was a new feeling. I wish I should have been able to marry this man.

“Oh my Goooood!” I screamed. I knew someone might have heard, but I didn’t care.

“Marry me, Anil! Marry me and fuck me like this forever after!” I was talking nonsense. The feeling was that intense.

I badly wanted him inside of me, and soon enough, he was gonna do it.

He pulled me until my ass was on the edge of the table, and he widened my knees towards either side of the table, as I raised myself against my palms, straightening my hands.

Without another word, he held my thighs close to my hip, and as he looked at my eyes, he started pushing inside.

He was much bigger than my hubby, and he was pushing my insides to new limits.

“Aaah,” I moaned, arching my back and throwing my face backwards and closing my eyes. I felt his grip tightening against my thighs, as he kept pushing until he was fully inside of me.

I felt his lower abdomen hit against mine, and I felt his foreskin in my vagina, and it was a lovely feeling that I didn’t have from my husband. Plus, he was touching me so deep that I’d never been touched before.

I opened my eyes, and looked at him. I slowly threw my arms around his neck and held him, getting his face pressed against the right side of my neck.

“Aaah,” I moaned. He kissed my neck a few times, rubbing my sides up and down a few times, still being inside of me.

I took his face towards mine, and opened my eyes, I went in for a kiss, closing my eyes, and we started sharing a kiss.

As I was eating his mouth, I felt him holding my thighs like before, again, and starting to pump me up, back and forth.

I broke the kiss and hugged me like before.

“Ah, ah, ah.”

Gasps started leaving my mouth, each time he entered me. He was pacing up, and so did the pitch of my moans.

In seconds, he was at his maximum pace. I hugged him tightly.

“Aaaaaaah…fuuuuuck!” I screamed, and bit my teeth, as he kept crushing my weak pussy, mercilessly, like trying to break me apart.

Then he said it.

“Today is the day imma break your insides apart, bitch! You won’t be able to live without our cocks again, you fucking slut!” He murmured to my right ear, and bit my ear.

“Aaay!” I let out a painful moan. He let go of my ear, but he kept fucking me really, really fast. I felt sweat raising in the bodies of both of us. I was feeling the wetness and smell already.

Occasionally, he’d lick some sweat off my right shoulder or collar area. It was an immense sensation, really.

After minutes, he released me. As I opened my eyes and looked at him, I saw he was wet like a wet chicken. We both were, actually. But he wasn’t down.

He held my hip and turned me to my left side. I was laying on my left side, with my left palm against my left cheek.

He held my right leg and took my right leg against his right shoulder. He closed in and I felt his foreskin touch my pussy.

He held my ankle in place and kissed my right calf a few times, and at the end bit it. He kept tightening his bite against my calf muscle.

As it started hurting me, I let out a moan.


It was then he took his teeth off my calf, and went inside of me in one go.

“A-aaah,” I moaned, arching my back, and closing my eyes, as he started fucking me, holding my right leg in place, with his left hand against my thigh, and his right hand against my ankle.

I’d no idea how strong he actually was. From what I’d already experienced, he was definitely stronger than my hubby.

“Aaaaaaah…shiiiiit…fuuuuuuuck!” I screamed, as he kept fucking me. The “thuck, thuck,” sound that was made each time his lower abdomen hit my right thigh close to my pussy, was heard over and over again.

“Aaah, yes!” I was growling.

“Yes, you fucking bastard! Show me what you’ve got! Show me what you’re made of!” I shouted at him.

He placed his both palms against the sides of my belly, and rubbed me upwards. He reached my boobs, and held them squeezed in his hands.

He kept fucking me like that a few minutes, before reaching further upwards and holding my neck with his both hands.

“Yes…coh…Yes, you bastard! coh, coh…Choke my neck! Coh…Fucking hero who…coh…chokes women!”

His grip tightened even further, making it hard for me to even breath.

“Coh, coh,” I coughed. He loosened his grip, as he bent down and took his face close to mine.

He kept looking at my eyes, biting his teeth, before coming in for a kiss.

I held his hair with my right hand, tightly, as I kept pressing his mouth against mine, eating his mouth wildly.

A few seconds later, I felt him gripping both my wrists with his hands and pinning me against the table.

Still fucking me, he kept looking at my face, with his lips very close to mine, occasionally rubbing against mine. But he didn’t actually kiss him. He was making me desperately wanna kiss him.

“Is that all you’ve got? Thooh! You bastard!” I said, and spat at his face.

“What did you do, bitch!?” He said as he slid my hands against the table and pinned them both against the table with his left hand.

He then squeezed his right fist and pressed his now tight right forearm against my neck.

My mouth opened, as I felt my throat pressing down. I shouldn’t even cough. It was so hard I was losing breath.

“Rrh,” he growled as he held my jaw with his right hand. I thought he’d kiss me, but he turned my face to my right and pressed his hand down on my left cheek.

Then he did something unthinkable.

“Aarh,” he growled as he bit my neck. It hurt me, but somehow, it felt sexually arousing as well.

He let go of my neck, and I knew, he left a mark there.

We were fucking like two wild animals, and I didn’t know when he’d stop, if he’d stop at all.

He released me again. But…

“Turn, bitch!” He growled as he held my hip with his right hand and turned my ass up. He pulled my knees apart like before.

I supported myself against my two elbows and looked at him over my right shoulder. I saw him placing his cock against…somewhere.

“Oh god, not in the ass, please,” I thought.

Nope. It he went inside of my pussy, again. He held my thighs, close to my ass, and started pumping me hard.

Suddenly, he spanked my right ass cheek. I went “aaah.” It hurt me, but I liked the way it hurt.

He then spanked my left ass cheek. I moaned again. Yes, as expected, it hurt too.

I knew for sure that he was leaving so many marks all over my body.

He kept spanking me like that a few times, and then, he pulled my ass cheeks apart, and pressed his right thumb into my ass.

“Aaah…shiiit!” I screamed, closing my eyes tightly and arching my back, as I felt it painfully inside my ass. Nobody has got inside of me there before.

He left my ass cheeks, but then I felt my hair being pulled back, tightly.

Instantly, my head was on fire. It was a little too much.

“Aaaaaaay!” I screamed as I clinged to his wrist with my right hand.

He immediately let of my hair, and I fell back on the table with a thud.

But I couldn’t wait like that for very long. This time, his fingers came around my neck, held my neck from the front, and pulled me towards my back, making my back arch more than I myself can.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was fucking me like a maniac and I was almost totally lost in the sensation, I could have feared that my spine would snap in half.

“Aaaaaaah…yeaaah Anil!” I screamed, as he kept bending my spine backwards until he couldn’t, anymore. He kept fucking me like that.

By now, I was begging inside my mind, that he would cum soon. My body was numb. I didn’t know if I’d be able to dress up and walk back to the class room, let alone to the bus stop later.

Later he let go of my neck and held my by my arms close to my elbows, instead, and kept fucking me.

As slow moans like “ah, ah,” kept leaving my mouth, my forearms resonated back and forth, lifelessly, with each of his thrusts.

“Oh…God…Anil…you completely broke me…you know that, right?” I moaned lightly.

Well, that was true. He broke me beyond repair. The once. faithful wife was gone. She was no longer there.

He finally let go of me. But it was no time to rest.

“Get on your knees, bitch,” he said as he held me by my hair and stood me up.

He pushed me towards a mattress that was lying aside and pushed me to my knees, on it.

“Ah,” I gasped as I knelt on the mattress. I quickly turned back towards Anil, and saw him masturbating.

I tried to turn my face away, but he held my hair tight in his left hand and turned my face towards his big cock. I still had my eyes and mouth shut tight.

“Open your mouth bitch,” he said as he lightly slapped my left cheek. I opened my mouth, and felt his cock ram inside of my mouth.

“Cooh,” I coughed, as I opened my eyes, and tried to push him back, but he was holding me in position with too much strength, and then, he started fucking my mouth hard, holding my head in his both hands.

I knew he was gonna cum anytime now, and he did, in a minute or two.

As he got my face pressed against his crotch, I felt his hot love juice hitting my throat, again and again.

After he stopped coming, he pulled his cock out, and wiped the last few drops against my lips.

As I was watching, emotionless, wet like a chicken caught in a heavy rain, he started to get back dressed…


Later that day :

As expected, it was hard for me to walk that evening, but gladly, I could keep it convenient.

As I slowly walked towards the bus stop, hugging my school back pack with my both weak arms, I saw Anil together with a few other male class mates, talking. It wasn’t hard to assume what he was talking about.

Suddenly I saw him look at me, and he showed me to the other class mates too. I couldn’t help but wave at him with my right hand, as if asking him to “Come to me…”


…Thank you for reading the first part of my story. Now I’ll leave his body. Hopefully, he’ll submit my story to ISS, or I’ll come back for him.

Author’s note :

I guess I’ll just…upload the story as she says, from now onwards.

Lemme know what you think on email or hangouts ([email protected]) or at telegram (sandupama94).

I’ll…WE will…see you guys soon.


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